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Railroad Ties

Ed Williams, Professor of Entrepreneurship
Remembering Ed Williams, the person who laid down the tracks of entrepreneurship at Rice Business.
Interdisciplinary CreativityFeatures

State Of The Art

Hanging art exhibit
A year after opening its doors, Moody Center has made a mission out of art’s many dimensions.
Energy EconomicsNews Feed

Long Season

Pile of baseballs
The shale industry is in the 3rd inning, but many factors will determine how the game plays out.
Nonprofit ManagementNews Feed

School Spirit

Children looking out of the windows of a school bus
What for-profit businesses can teach nonprofits about customer satisfaction.
Customer SatisfactionNews Feed

Cutting Corners

Scissors cutting the corner of a sheet of paper
Don't get distracted by the gleam of customer loyalty and forget the real goal: customer satisfaction.
Market ResearchNews Feed

Cause And Effect

Newton's cradle
Three different ways market research can help drive revenue.
PricingNews Feed

Careful Ascent

Group of people climbing an icy mountain
How to raise prices without driving away customers.
Donation BehaviorNews Feed

Like Minded

Like Minded
Like customers, donors can be segmented by a variety of drivers.
Customer SatisfactionNews Feed

Positive Feedback

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Companies can earn more by deriving insights and informing strategies with customer feedback.
MarketingNews Feed

Stay In Your Lane

Stay In Your Lane
Why most companies should avoid taking political stances.
EducationNews Feed

Safety Zone

Saftey Zone
Public school parents are consumers — and they demand safety.
Oil And GasNews Feed

Energy Boost

Woman holding several cups of coffee
What's the forecast for the U.S. energy industry and its effect on our global competitiveness? Looks sunny, reports Rice Business Professor Bill Arnold.