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Energy Policy | Commentary
Will oil prices divert outrage over a political murder?
October 28
Oil & Gas | Commentary
Anger over oil prices won’t change OPEC’s resolve.
October 01
Energy Economics | Commentary
The shale industry is in the 3rd inning, but many factors will determine how the game plays out.
April 16
Pricing | Commentary
When high prices attract consumers and low prices repel them.
February 11
Oil & Gas | Commentary
What's the forecast for the U.S. energy industry and its effect on our global competitiveness? Looks sunny, reports Rice Business Professor Bill Arnold.
January 29
From the Dean | Commentary
Rice Business' Dean Peter Rodriguez on the power of presenting scientific research in plain language so important ideas are accessible to all.
January 08
Writing About Research | Commentary
How do you make heavy-hitting research light enough on its feet to be useful?
December 19
Supply and Demand | Commentary
Oil supply and demand are hitting the same note.
December 04
Energy | Commentary
Why big oil Doesn't throw Hail Mary passes anymore.
October 15
After Harvey | Commentary
Rice Business Dean Peter Rodriguez reflects on the lessons and surprises brought by Hurricane Harvey.
October 10