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Supply And DemandNews Feed

Perfect Harmony

What's the meaning of oil prices near $60 a barrel?
Oil supply and demand are hitting the same note.
SpendingNews Feed

The Price Is Right

What is undisciplined spending?
How much is too much to spend on a piece of avocado toast?
EntrepreneurshipNews Feed

Fast Company

How Rice Business accelerates entrepreneurship
How Rice Business is accelerating entrepreneurship.
EnergyNews Feed

Running Game

Why big oil Doesn't throw Hail Mary passes anymore.
MarketingNews Feed

Pumped Up

Everything’s bigger in Texas — and that’s a huge selling point.
Energy InfrastructureNews Feed

Running On Empty

How Hurricane Harvey affected the oil supply chain, from production to distribution.
VeteransNews Feed

The Next Mission

Veterans club at Rice Business
Veterans thrive in MBA Program at Rice Business.
Urban RenewalNews Feed

Turning Green

Urban renewal and the greening of Houston
How do you create more public parks? By bringing in private partners.
RegulationNews Feed

Best Of Intentions

Dodd-Frank rule repeal
Repealed rule would do nothing to end energy industry corruption.