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Energy | Peer-Reviewed Research
A Review of the Operations Literature on How Decisions Could be Made in the Energy Industry
November 14
Finance | Peer-Reviewed Research
Testing Option-Based Forecasting
October 06
Communications | Peer-Reviewed Research
When to release the headline-breaking news and when to bury the lede
September 13
Corporate Reputation | Features

Corporate America is increasingly taking a stand on hot-button issues. Why not this one?

July 26
Finance | Features
Detractors are suspicious of the anonymity that comes with blockchain technology. Supporters say it's exactly the point.
June 10
Culture | Peer-Reviewed Research
Getting inked doesn't carry the stigma it once did, Rice Business research shows.
June 10
Corporate Social Activism | Features

Why Apple, Disney, IKEA and hundreds of other Western companies are abandoning Russia with barely a shrug

May 04
Marketing | Peer-Reviewed Research

Executives, like everyone, tend to stay the course instead of trying something new. But the familiar path isn’t always the best one. 

May 04
Energy Policy | Features

What is the ‘social cost of carbon’? Two energy experts explain after court ruling

March 24
Strategy | Peer-Reviewed Research

Why relying on intuition can backfire when it comes to crafting a successful business strategy. 

March 24