Foreign Markets Peer-Reviewed Research

Two Way Street

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FinancePeer-Reviewed Research

Fortune Hunters

Does inside information affect a company’s stock and bond prices?
MarketingNews Feed

Stay In Your Lane

Why most companies should avoid taking political stances.
Free SpeechWord Watch

Language Police

What happens when we censor our own words — and the ideas they represent?
Advocacy at WorkPeer-Reviewed Research

Power To The People

Advice for employee advocates about changing the world.
InnovationPeer-Reviewed Research

Corporate Muse

Want creative employees? Inspire them by being creative with human resources.
Public RelationsFeatures

Sorry Not Sorry

What does it take to make an apology that truly gets heard – and makes a difference?
MergersPeer-Reviewed Research

Keep It 100

After firms merge, how does the new company's practices affect outcomes?
EducationNews Feed

Safety Zone

Public school parents are consumers — and they demand safety.
Virtual CommunitiesPeer-Reviewed Research

Birds Of A Feather

How to help online communities love your company.

Big Spender

Pricing alters customers perceptions
When high prices attract consumers and low prices repel them.
InvestingPeer-Reviewed Research

Pay Day

Why Companies Are Actually Doing Investors A Favor By Not Paying Dividends
Why companies are actually doing investors a favor by not paying dividends.

Time Warp

Time units humor
Facebook recently invented a new unit of time, the “flick.” What time units will they launch next?