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Customer-Based Strategy | Peer-Reviewed Research
Putting students and families at the center of strategy will optimize resources and improve academic outcomes.
June 17
Strategy | Peer-Reviewed Research
Temporary gatherings — like conferences and hackathons — are essential to attracting third-party developers.
June 07
Finance | Peer-Reviewed Research
Delaware's low-number tags yield astronomical prices, revealing the premium people will pay for status symbols.
May 25
Marketing | Features

Research suggests bans and fees may not be enough to truly change consumer habits.

May 10
Organizational Behavior | Peer-Reviewed Research
American voters hold opposing politicians to strict standards of factuality but support their favorite politicians as long as their statements express a “deeper truth” they support.
April 16
Strategy | Peer-Reviewed Research
In emerging markets, pricing — not reputation — drives the partnership between underwriter and IPO.
April 08
Organizational Behavior | Peer-Reviewed Research
Three critical leadership strategies that helped two prominent symphonies transform during the pandemic.
March 18
Accounting | Peer-Reviewed Research
It's common for companies to "opinion shop" the value of an asset. It's also risky.
March 06
Oil & Gas | Expert Opinion

Despite touting a sustainability emphasis, major oil companies are increasing oil and gas production investments, sowing mistrust among customers, employees and suppliers.

February 26
Education | Expert Opinion
Enrollment decline will continue if district leaders prioritize athletics, research shows.
February 15