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Strategy | Peer-Reviewed Research
Presidential visits lead to short-term stock gains, especially when there’s a unified government.
February 14
Organizational Behavior | Expert Opinion

How organizations can ensure women get the credit for their contributions.

February 12
Organizational Behavior | Peer-Reviewed Research

Allowing employees to select their incentives increases both the quantity and quality of their ideas.

January 29
Marketing | Peer-Reviewed Research
Want to optimize your brand’s influencer marketing strategy? Get personal. New research shows how to boost follower engagement on sponsored posts.
January 08
Organizational Behavior | Peer-Reviewed Research
Serious product reviewers need peers and audiences to see them as credible. But new research indicates that pursuing credibility may compromise the objectivity of their evaluations.
November 12
Product Marketing | Expert Opinion
Bud Light’s sales are on ice. Their troubles are attributed to an influencer marketing controversy. But, in fact, their decline stems from product issues and management blunders.
November 02
Finance | Peer-Reviewed Research

Research shows the harmful impact of myths regarding motherhood, education, and professional agency.

October 09
Finance | Peer-Reviewed Research

How federal monetary policy can influence equity (and inequity) in home buying.

September 15
Education | Expert Opinion
Bureaucratic timesucks are weighing down our teachers and principals.
September 08
Decision Making | Peer-Reviewed Research

Researchers create a mathematical model that helps transplant centers make decisions about when to move forward with a matching donor and when to wait.

August 23