EthicsPeer-Reviewed Research

Rose-Colored Glasses

Can Our Emotions Affect How We Evaluate Ethical Lapses?
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A bloomed red rose over a gloomy background.


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CommunicationWord Watch

Get To The Point

Light up sign saying "yeah" with three exclamation points
How did we get so hooked on exclamation points?
Credit RatingsPeer-Reviewed Research

Extra Credit

Woman on a laptop in a library.
Want reliable credit ratings? Improve reporting.
Comic ReliefPeer-Reviewed Research

Lie Detector

A cartoon of a black cat trying to determine if an orange cat is being truthful
Can a snapshot reveal your chances of a loan?
TradeExpert Opinion

Playing The Long Game

U.S. flag made up of painted baseball bats.
Why President George H.W. Bush went to bat for NAFTA.
NegotiationsPeer-Reviewed Research

Anger Management

Bald eagle staring at camera
Is it worthwhile to blow a gasket during a negotiation?
Data ManagementPeer-Reviewed Research

Picture This

The ideas magazine from Rice Business
What does our growing ability to document personal life mean for business?
Foreign PolicyFeatures

Worth It

A row of eggs with an egg painted gold.
How much should a leader get paid?
MarketingPeer-Reviewed Research

Heart Of The Deal

Box of chocolates on a bed sheet
How self-identity affects the sales promotions we choose.

Protect Me

Young boy with a yellow backpack waiting for a bus.
Does detaining children hurt American workers who guard them?
Investment FraudPeer-Reviewed Research

Boiler Room

Boiler room with fire burning
What you absolutely need to know about microcap stock scams.
Organizational BehaviorPeer-Reviewed Research

Story Time

Child sitting up a tree and reading a book
Why the stories companies tell themselves are serious business.
Social Media Expert Opinion


Storm clouds over a city
What’s at the heart of campaign word storms?