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The Rice MBA

The Rice MBA

A small and selective business school with a challenging and supportive learning culture. Rigorous and relevant. Led by faculty that feed your curiosity and nudge you to ask the right questions.

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MBA Program in Texas

According to Financial Times 2023 Global Rankings


Graduate Entrepreneurship Program

Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023


Best MBA for Finance

Princeton Review, 2023


Best MBA for Consulting

Princeton Review, 2023


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Why Choose Rice Business for Your MBA

We say you belong here. And we mean it. We offer a tight-knit MBA program in a city brimming with opportunities. Gain real-world experiences, expand your network, and shape your career. Our research-based curriculum, innovation, and purpose-driven approach empower you to become the leader you aspire to be. Discover the top reasons to choose Rice Business for your MBA.

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Which MBA program is right for you?

Once you decide to transform your career with a Rice MBA, the next step is picking the program that is perfect for you. Here's how to choose. 

Companies Who Recruit

Ernst and Young
Goldman Sachs
McKinsey & Company
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Great and Small

Imagine studying at one of the most intimate business programs in the world with access to all the amenities of a university campus, in the country’s fourth largest city.

See Why You Belong Here

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Enter the job market with confidence. View job placements, employment reports, compensation information and more for the Full-Time and Professional MBA programs.

Alumni Network

At Rice Business, you'll build connections that last a lifetime. Learn more about our tight-knit alumni network that will support you during your MBA journey and beyond.

Admit It: Rice Business MBA Blog

Our MBA blog showcases captivating student and alumni stories, as well as unique features of our programs. Get an inside look at the Rice Business experience.

The Rice MBA Student Experience

My favorite thing has been the range of classes that I have taken even thus far. From Marketing to Data Analytics, I truly feel that I am getting the full business experience and have learned so much. 

Taylor Moser

Professional MBA '22

Taylor Moser
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Rice Business Wisdom features faculty research applied in the classroom.

Organizational Behavior | Peer-Reviewed Research
How Gaining Power Can Undermine The Ability To Lead

Based on research by Professor Marlon Mooijman

Organizational Behavior | Peer-Reviewed Research
The Hidden Role Of Emotion In Decision Making

Based on research by Professors Erik Dane and Jennifer M. George 

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Voting | Features
Innovators Are Finding New Ways To Encourage People To Vote. Will It Work?

By Tracy L. Barnett

Featured Faculty

Yan Anthea Zhang
Fayez Sarofim Vanguard Professor of Management – Strategic Management
Constance Elise Porter
Senior Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Associate Clinical Professor of Marketing
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Shark Tank — Rice Style

More than 40 teams compete for $1.5 million in prizes in the world’s largest and richest student startup competition. Entrepreneurship is baked into the MBA experience and the Rice Business Plan Competition is just one of many ways to get involved.

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All Hands on Deck

Whether you’re full time or part time, you’re going to want to get involved. Start a club or lead one of our many professional and social student organizations.

The most surprising part has been all of the amazing perks you get as a Rice MBA! From small things like free food on campus, to large things like top-notch professors, it has been such a great experience. Additionally the reception people give you when they learn that you are a Rice Business student is amazing. People are so willing to talk to you and share information based off of the Rice name alone.

Ashley Henry

Full-Time MBA ‘22

Ashley Henry


Owl Have You Know is Rice Business’ podcast created to share the experiences of alumni, faculty, students and other members of our business community – real stories of belonging, failing, rebounding and, ultimately, succeeding.


Kalyn Norwood
Flight Path

Host Maya Pomroy ‘22 turns the tables on White House correspondent Kalyn Norwood ’22 and asks her about her unconventional path. Kalyn describes a day in the life of a White House correspondent and how Rice strengthened her understanding of her craft.

Tracy Dennis
Flight Path

Tracy and John join host Maya Pomroy '22 to talk about their lives together, what brought them to Houston and to Rice, post-Partio Lamaze classes, and why they continue to give back to the Rice community. 

Turner Hoff

Turner pivoted from finance and real estate to food technology. He talks about how he created a company to solve his frustrations with food delivery, vertical integration and how the food tech space has developed over the years and through the pandemic.

Go Global

The Global Field Experience is an adventurous, immersive opportunity that opens your mind and changes your perspective. Step out of your comfort zone, learn another country’s culture and how they do business, and become a more insightful leader. 

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