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Entrepreneurial Hub

A flexible, modern learning center and workspace, the Lilie Lab is Rice’s on-campus hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Here, Rice Business students prepare to become innovators in whatever industry they choose — a tech startup, government agency, civic group, nonprofit, small business or large corporation.

Rice Alliance

Startup Central

The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship is a catalyst for building successful tech ventures, linking the Rice Business community to Houston’s vibrant startup scene. Over the past 20 years, more than 2,500 companies have participated in over 220 Rice Alliance programs, raising more than $8.1 billion in early-stage capital.

Rice Business Wisdom

Study Guide
Research | Peer-Reviewed Research
Innovation Is The Engine Of Business. But How Much Do Researchers Really Know About It?

Based on research by Professor Jing Zhou

Worker Well-Being | Peer-Reviewed Research
Research On Worker Well-being Is Usually More About The Company Than The Worker

Based on research by Professors Jennifer M. George and Erik Dane

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Business and Political Influence | Peer-Reviewed Research
What Happens When The Highest Leader In The Country Comes To Call?

Based on research by Professors Douglas A. Schuler and Robert E. Hoskisson

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Focus on Finance

The Rice Business Finance Center’s hands-on training complements our finance, accounting, data analysis and entrepreneurship courses. All on-campus students have access. The Finance Center is also home to the M.A. Wright Fund and Rice Fixed Income Fund, the business school’s coursework in which MBAs manage investment funds in equities and bonds.

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Resource Source

You’ll find answers to all your business questions at our Business Information Center, staffed by professional librarians and student workers who can help you access resources and track down any information you might need. It’s also a quiet, comfortable place to study and work.

In The News

News - Zero bias in retirement investments may shortchange you
School Updates

Target Retirement Funds are touted as a simplified investment option for people saving money for their golden years, but Rice University researchers have discovered retirees can be shortchanged by a curious behavioral phenomenon known as “zero bias.”

Hardship presents opportunity - woman looking out window over city
School Updates
The massive disruption of our social and work lives is unnerving, but there are benefits to shaking up our routines and feeling uncomfortable, according to experts at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business. Scott Sonenshein and Jing Zhou, professors of management at the Jones School, are available to talk about the evolving organizational landscape with news media.

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