Round 2 Full-Time MBA application deadline is January 5.  Round 2 MAcc application deadline is January 7. GMAT waivers available for select programs.

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Partnering with top enterprises to make strong connections between our students and the business world.

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Lizette Melendez

We’re Hired

Recruiters from Houston—and all over the world—hire our graduates to work at leading companies.

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By supporting the business school, you are investing in the intangibles that make us who we are, allowing us to attract and develop future leaders through scholarships.

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Executive Education

With over 50 programs annually, working executives at all levels have the opportunity for development in a range of disciplines and formats. 

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Rice Business Partners

A group of business leaders working to open doors and build ties between Rice Business and the Houston business community.

Rice Business Wisdom

Rice Business Wisdom is our online ideas magazine that features faculty research.


Social Climbers RBW
Organizational Behavior | Peer-Reviewed Research
Time To Rethink Social Climbers

Based on research by Professor Siyu Yu

Managing Volatility | Peer-Reviewed Research
Why Do Some Companies Thrive In Volatile Markets?

Based on research by Professor Gustavo Grullon

Name Brand RBW
Strategy | Peer-Reviewed Research
Do Leaders With Distinctive Names Run Distinctive Businesses?

Based on research by Professor Yan "Anthea" Zhang

In The News

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In The Media

Companies hope that by making price increases hard to see, they can escape notice and avoid a customer backlash. Rice Business marketing profesor Utpal Dholakia breaks down the common ways companies raise prices covertly.

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In The Media

Rice Business marketing professor Utpal Dholokia tells Axios that H-E-B's high market share shows that Austin shoppers value the grocer and are willing to give a sizable chunk of their dollars to the company.