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Partnering with top enterprises to make strong connections between our students and the business world.

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We’re Hired

Recruiters from Houston—and all over the world—hire our graduates to work at leading companies.

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By supporting the business school, you are investing in the intangibles that make us who we are, allowing us to attract and develop future leaders through scholarships.

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Executive Education

With over 50 programs annually, working executives at all levels have the opportunity for development in a range of disciplines and formats. 

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Rice Business Partners

A group of business leaders working to open doors and build ties between Rice Business and the Houston business community.

Rice Business Wisdom

Saftey Zone
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How Activist Investors Can Reduce Pollution

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In The News

In The Media

Why do so many companies come up short in their strategy planning? Because CEOs end up playing the role of firefighter, implementer or counselor. Co-written by Vikas Mittal, J. Hugh Liedtke Professor of Marketing at Rice Business.