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Cultivate your leadership skills, learn more about different professions and improve your business skills through any of our more than 30 student clubs and organizations.

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Do you consider yourself a wine connoisseur? What about the next leader in finance or energy? Clubs at Rice Business are designed to help students cultivate their leadership skills, learn more about different professions, get to know each other better and create a sense of community. Follow your passion or try something new by joining one of our more than 30 diversity, professional or social clubs.

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Asian Business Student Association at International Partio
Diversity Associations

ABSA provides the Rice Business community with a channel to share knowledge about Asia, explore career opportunities in Asia, and support long-term relationships among members and Asian business leaders

Houston Strong T Shirt on Male Student
Social Clubs

Rice Business Gives Back is a student service learning program that allows students, faculty and staff to give back to the local Houston community.

Rice Business Students Meeting Recruiters
Professional Associations

As the largest club on campus, the RFA leverages resources and our alumni base to provide a value-added experience for students interested in all areas of finance.

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Learn and Lead

Our student leaders collaborate to organize events such as the annual Women in Leadership Conference, the Rice Veteran's Leadership Series and the Rice Energy Finance Summit, which attract hundreds of students, alumni and business leaders. They also participate in industry “treks” to experience real-world business environments firsthand.

Rachael Sweetman at Pride

Find a Sense of Belonging

At Rice Business, our tagline is “You Belong Here.” This may mean different things to different people, but when Rachael Sweetman was looking for MBA programs, she chose a place where she could be herself. A place where she felt encouraged to speak up and could advocate for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Explore Our Student Clubs and Organizations

Clubs at Rice Business are designed to help students cultivate their leadership skills, learn more about different professions and get to know each other better. Check out over 30 diversity, professional and social clubs below!



Diversity Associations and Student Affinity Clubs

We have an array of diversity associations at Rice Business. Read about them below. 

  • The Asian Business Student Association strives to strengthen the bonds between Asian business students and other communities, both professionally and personally.

    As a member, you will have cultural communication activities on and off campus with Rice Business alumni and other professionals. We also seek to help you network and navigate employment prospects involving Asian communities and marketplaces.

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  • The Black Business Student Association (BBSA) at Rice Business is an organization dedicated to enabling and empowering diverse and minority business students. Through networking, lectures and workshops, the Rice Business BBSA provides opportunities for students to learn from and with each other, connect with alumni and other community business leaders, and gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in today's dynamic business environment.

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  • The Latin Business Student Association’s (LBSA) purpose is to bring together the Latin American community at Rice Business and promote Latin culture within the business school. In addition, we want to create a space where Latin — and all — students can share their culture and meet alumni and business professionals in Houston.

    The LBSA hosts an annual tropical party, social and food-related events throughout the year, and alumni and networking events. 

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  • The South Asian Business Association aims to educate members about business culture and practices in the Indian subcontinent.

    Members of the organization will participate in and help organize club events. 

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  • Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming community for Rice Business students that identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies; work with stakeholders to enact inclusive policies and infrastructure; and offer educational opportunities to increase awareness, understanding and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

    Club members will have the opportunity to attend club networking and social events including happy hour at Valhalla, drag brunches, movie nights, the Out & Allied club partio and more. You'll help shape the LGBTQ+ community, presence and impact at Rice Business. 

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  • Our mission is to support women at Rice Business by offering opportunities to connect, network and learn from other women in leadership. We aim to continuously create a better experience for women during and beyond their time at Rice.

    The Rice Business Women’s Organization acts as the on-campus voice for women in the MBA programs. Our partner association, the Women In Leadership Conference, offers a platform for women to share their experience and success in business to the broader Houston community. 

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  • Men as Allies seeks to promote and foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity — supporting and partnering with other associations to advance traditionally underrepresented groups: specifically women, BIPOC, AAPI and the LBGTQ+ communities.

    As a member, you will have access to resources and networking events, both within Men as Allies and other associations. We will host Lunch & Learn events, assist with promotional and educational material surrounding the organization and partner with Rice University’s undergraduate program to facilitate these campus-wide inclusivity efforts.

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  • The mission of the Rice Business Veterans Association is two-fold:

    • To provide assistance to veterans transitioning from military service to student life at Rice University
    • To uphold our commitment to service by partnering with other student organizations, Rice alumni and the Houston business community to participate in and sponsor philanthropic events that benefit charitable veteran and military organizations.

    As a member you will have access to the MBA Veterans Conference support and assistance, the annual Rice Business Veterans Business Battle, and other social and networking opportunities.

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  • The Jones Christian Fellowship fosters community, friendship and belonging. We exist to make a life shaped by the work started by Him, to provide community, friendship and ministry to those who have walked with Jesus for years or for those who are meeting Him for the first time and to challenge and inform what life will be like moving forward in a world of commerce, networking, leadership and influence.

    We seek to be the “front porch” of Rice Business, where everyone of all faith backgrounds is welcome and can come discuss the life of Jesus and their own faith. We offer opportunities for students to come and hear speakers talk about how faith has radically impacted their lives and work and host events such as Friendsgiving and Easter brunch to build a stronger community at Rice Business.

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  • The First-Generation Low-Income (FLI) offers a supportive community for students who are the trailblazers in their families, being the first to attain a college degree (meaning that neither of their parents holds a four-year college degree). Our primary objective is to enhance the recognition and assistance accessible to these inaugural college graduates and/or economically disadvantaged students at Rice Business.

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Professional Associations and Student Government

Rice Business professional associations give you the opportunity to socialize, network and meet professionals in industries of interest to you. 

  • The leaders of the Rice Business Student Associations (RBSAs) work with the school and their classmates to promote unity among students during their time in each program. Each MBA program at Rice has its own student association that ensures students can access and contribute to the Rice network including alumni, faculty, staff and enrolled students across programs. Each RBSA acts as a liaison between the students in their respective MBA program and the school administration to facilitate communication, transparency, and unity. While each MBA program has its own unique RBSA, we are all one great "Rice Business Family," and are dedicated to maximizing student access and opportunities, optimizing learning and increasing the value of the Rice MBA. The Rice Business Student Associations are:

    • Rice Business Student Association for Full-Time MBA Students
    • Rice Business Student Association for Professional MBA Students
    • Rice Business Student Association for Executive MBA Students
    • Rice Business Student Association for Online MBA Students
    • Rice Business Student Association for Hybrid MBA Students

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  • The Adam Smith Society is a nationwide, chapter-based association of MBA students and business leaders who work to promote on-campus debate and discussion about the moral, social and economic benefits of capitalism.

    Becoming a member of the Adam Smith Society is more than just joining a club. Your "Smith Soc" membership gives you access to an expansive network of other MBA students and professionals who value such debate and discussion. As a paid member, you will be able to attend local and national events, hear directly from distinguished business and thought-leaders, connect with businesspeople across the country who share an interest in ideas and a passion for the free market, and be part of the greater community of the Manhattan Institute — a national public policy think tank and home of the Adam Smith Society.

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  • Clean tech is a wide-spanning field that permeates countless industries seeking to negate their environmental impact. With companies, institutions, governments and sources of capital leaning into clean tech, our association will catalyze Rice Business to be a leader at the forefront of the change. With this focus, the association will serve to educate students on the clean technology landscape, forge pathways to clean tech careers and produce MBAs uniquely skilled to meet the environmental challenges of the industrialized world.

    We’re excited to provide a variety of professional and educational events in addition to fun, social ones that allow our members to dive into everything clean tech. As a member, you can also tap into our network of professionals active in the space and receive information on relevant conferences, events, content and job postings.

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  • The Consulting Association averages over 100 student memberships during a typical year, making it one of the most popular student associations at the business school. We aim to serve as an intermediary between the school and industry and, in the process, elucidate the consulting recruiting process.

    As a member of the Consulting Association, you are entitled to: 

    • Free access to all club events and live recordings (where applicable) 
    • Behavioral and case prep workshops
    • Speaker series with live case demonstrations 
    • Social events access to club resources that include: case books, individual coaching, training resources, newsletters for events and relevant job postings

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  • The purpose of the Energy Association is to engage the student body, energy community and Rice network while assisting energy-focused students with recruitment. We strive to provide education and networking opportunities while forming partnerships with other clubs and organizations. We strive to include the traditional oil and gas sector while also engaging in renewables, green transition, banking and consulting specialties to create a well-rounded organization.

    We provide recruiting assistance, networking opportunities, interview prep and mock interviews, and enjoyable social events throughout the year. 

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  • The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Association is to expose all Rice Business students to the entrepreneurial mindset. This club is built for every student in every industry, even if they’re not an entrepreneur. We encourage creative thinking, collaboration, curiosity and connection above all else.

    Networking opportunities include:

    • An inside look into the life of an entrepreneur 
    • An extensive list of events to engage with the greater Houston innovation ecosystem
    • Direct access to all resources at the #1 ranked graduate school for entrepreneurship in the nation (four years in a row!)

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  • The Finance Association’s mission is to create a diverse and inclusive environment while training future business leaders. We seek to coach and educate members in finance by offering interview prep, assisting in career exploration within finance-related industries and functions, and by facilitating networking opportunities with Rice Business alumni and recruiters.

    As a member of the Finance Association, you will have access to recruiting resources such as study guides, mentors, interview prep, etc.; educational resources such as "Training the Street” workshops and Lunch & Learns; and alumni reach-back through networking events, happy hours and more.

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  • The Healthcare Association is dedicated to delivering a diverse platform of opportunities for student members to learn the business of healthcare, develop relevant skill sets and build successful careers in the healthcare industry. We achieve this mission by:

    • Partnering with hospitals, startups, industries and academic organizations to organize educational and speaker programs that provide guidance and information to members about career opportunities.
    • Connecting members with Rice alumni in healthcare to promote networking opportunities in collaboration with Rice Business’ career development office.
    • Providing leadership opportunities to members through the Healthcare Initiative and external affairs. 

    The Healthcare Association provides networking opportunities with industry executives and other healthcare-related professionals, as well as the chance to explore expanding opportunities throughout the healthcare industry. 

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  • The Jones Public Policy Roundtable’s purpose is to act as the bridge between the Baker Institute and Rice Business in order to expose MBA students to current public policy issues and government events.

    As a member, you will have access to: 

    • Baker Institute events
    • Cocktail receptions with Baker Institute board members
    • Baker Institute roundtable meetings 
    • Events including happy hours and baseball games

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  • The Marketing Association aims to develop students’ marketing skills and expand their network with industry professionals and peers. Our team sponsors educational and networking events by partnering with marketing organizations and professionals in the Rice and Houston communities.

    As a member, you will have access to educational, networking and social activities hosted throughout the year. 

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  • The Operations and Supply Chain Association aims to bring experience and knowledge to everyone so they can stay up to date with the operations and supply chain field.

    The association will try to bring back the agile certification and expand on Rice University’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, which certifies that an individual possesses strong problem-solving skills.

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  • The purpose of the Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE/VC) Association is to educate students about PE/VC and help them gain access to resources and networks in order to land a job in the PE/VC space.

    The PE/VC industry can be difficult to break into. As such, our leadership committee and members of the association will work collaboratively to help everyone in the organization. 

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  • The Real Estate Association is dedicated to providing Rice MBA students with opportunities to expand their knowledge of the commercial real estate field.

    The club provides educational opportunities to learn about the field of commercial real estate, and assists members with growing their networks within the industry. 

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  • The Strategy Association promotes discussion and learning about the role strategy plays in different career paths. We provide opportunities for students to learn from experienced professionals and apply their MBA knowledge to real-world scenarios.

    As a member, you will join an environment where you are free to pitch new business ideas and receive constructive feedback. We also host panel discussions and offer industry insights into a career in strategy. We look forward to you joining us.

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  • The Technology Association’s purpose is to provide resources and guidance to students interested in recruiting for technology companies so they have the tools to start their career in tech. We partner with the Career Development Office to provide information and to help make technology one of the top recruiting industries for Rice MBAs.

    We aim to provide multiple leadership opportunities to the members. We also offer tech-focused networking opportunities, fireside chats, expert panels, resume reviews, a tech trek, skill development sessions and mentor assignments for individual guidance. 

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Social Clubs and Organizations

Social clubs at Rice Business are designed to offer a way to connect with students across programs who share similar interests. 

  • Arts Club brings students together to experience Houston's world-class arts scene and network with business leaders who share an interest in the arts.

    Benefits include free and discounted tickets to performing and visual arts events, opportunities to network with alumni and Houston business leaders, a community of friends with shared interests and a life enriched by the arts.

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  • Healthy body. Healthy mind. During the challenging times with academics and recruitment, the Athletics Club tries to keep Rice MBAs healthy with clear minds.

    Benefits include networking with your peers while participating in fun outdoor activities like go-karting, paintball and clay shooting around the Houston area.

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  • Beer Club helps Rice Business students broaden their social network while enjoying ice-cold beverages and great conversation. The foundation of good business is a strong network built on sharp social skills. Beer Club provides an avenue for students to strengthen their Rice network and grow relationships that go far beyond the tiny doors of Valhalla.

    Members gain access to club sponsored bar tabs, happy hours, alumni networking events, swag and other fun impromptu events. We’re here for a good time with great people. 

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  • Our mission is to create lasting bonds among Rice Business students, across MBA programs, through curiosity of the taste, craft and artisanship of the world's distilled spirits.

    Our events offer first-year students an opportunity to network and bond with second years in a unstructured, stress-free, relaxed environment. Simply put, you will be sampling some amazing spirits this year. You will also be meeting representatives from distilleries providing exclusive samples that are not yet available to the public. The price of the bottles you sample this year will far exceed your membership dues. Our officers are committed to providing our members maximum value.

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  • This group gives MBA students the opportunity to explore different cultures and traditions through food.

    Every month we explore new restaurants with food rooted in rich cultures from all over the world.

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  • Our mission is to provide a fun and inclusive forum for people to learn and enjoy the game of golf and make lasting connections.

    Members get access to weekly range sessions and multiple scramble tournaments throughout the year. Not to mention networking opportunities with your peers.

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  • The purpose of the Jones Partners and Families Club is to provide additional opportunities for students with significant others and families to network and support each other outside of class. With a student's schedule, it can be difficult to find events that are inclusive to the rest of our lives. We want to offer inclusive events that don’t make you choose between socializing and family. We aim to offer networking opportunities for students that fit their schedule. We want to ensure that all students, with their partners and families, have the best experience Rice Business can offer.

    As a member of Jones Partners and Families Club, you will be the main driver of the club. While we offer some basic meetings, events are up to members to champion and organize. 

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  • Rice Business Medical Doctors is a professional development organization designed to create a space to foster opportunities specifically for students pursuing a dual degree in business and medicine. This organization is designed to prepare students for residency applications and placements while helping students understand how to actively use their MBA to pursue their MD.

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  • Net Impact is one of the largest clubs for MBAs globally, meaning there are huge networking opportunities with other members locally, nationally and globally.

    We are a community of students and professionals who want to use our business skills to become the most effective change agents we can be. Over 100,000 members strong, our emerging leaders take on social challenges, protect the environment, invent new products and orient business toward the greater good. In short, we help our members use their business skills to turn their passions into a lifetime of world-changing action across various industries and contexts.

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  • In the Rice Pet Appreciation in Workplace and Society (PAWS) Club, we recognize pets as a source of support for owners, enthusiasts and all forms of interest in between. The increasing popularity of pets in households and workplaces presents MBA students an opportunity to incorporate their love for animals into their professional and personal lives.

    Members have the opportunity to attend charity, social and business events hosted by Rice PAWS and receive swag for humans and animals alike.

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  • The Wine Club introduces and expands members' access and knowledge of wine from around the world while providing wine-focused social activities.

    Membership fees go toward different themed wine tastings, social events and educational sessions throughout the school year. Other wine club events may include winery and tasting room visits and wine taste tests. Membership often includes special pricing and access with our partners as well.

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Personally Speaking

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"What gave me a sense of belonging is the clubs. I think that through these student clubs, we’re able to take our MBA experience and really make it our own."

Kory Li


Rachel Garforth-Bles Headshot

"My pre-MBA career was working as an actress so it is in my nature to commit to the part. Along those lines, when I think about business people, I think about making deals on the golf course, and to fully embody my new role as a business woman I decided to get into golf."

Rachel Garforth-Bles


Lemboye Ayovaughan

"The numerous student club-initiated events give opportunities to bond with classmates and their families and network with alumni, the community and industry professionals."

Lemboye AyoVaughan