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Student Life

Here’s how to not only survive but thrive during your MBA program.

May 16

Rice MBA students drive tangible results for global clients. 98% of GFE clients say they are “extremely satisfied” with their Rice MBA consultations.

April 22

Seven students across various programs share what they wish they’d known before taking the plunge.

April 02

Rice MBA students used their GFE to boost an education nonprofit in Lima.

March 07

The national summit is helping Rice MBAs ignite their careers in energy, cleantech and sustainability.

February 27

More than 400 attendees gained actionable skills to challenge norms and elevate women.

February 21

Rice MBAs speak candidly about how the GFE equipped them with the skills to lead and innovate on a global scale.

January 25

The GFE brings consulting challenges to life by working with real companies overseas.

January 12

Meet Erin, Grace and Roger: exemplars of Rice MBA excellence, leadership and community values.

December 19

Our financial services team helps MBA students understand scholarship opportunities to finance their degrees.

December 13