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Full-Time MBA Katie Chung's next column of the Rice Report dropped for Poets&Quants last night. Check out her latest advice about connecting with family and friends during your MBA journey.

November 04

Top leaders are experts at managing change. Now nimbleness, quantitative strength and strategy skills are more important than ever for landing a job. What should Rice MBA students know about the recruiting outlook? A Q and A with Jessica Campbell of the Rice Business Career Development Office.

October 07

COVID-19 has moving education online, including MBA recruiting. Take a look at the new rules for engaging employers in the digital world.

September 15

What’s not to love about skipping the GMAT or the GRE? Here are some answers about the process: who’s eligible for a waiver, who’s most likely to get one – and above all, why you should think twice about seeking a waiver unless it’s absolutely necessary.

August 06

We’re living in extraordinary times right now ⁠— times that demand thoughtfulness, strength, and maybe above all, preparedness. An MBA can be a powerful way to meet this demand.

May 07
Student Life

Spring is a big season at Rice Business: there’s the thrill of the Business Plan Competition, the satisfaction of Investiture, the sheer energy of our being on a beautiful campus. Here’s how the business school has adapted its culture and strengths during the era of coronavirus.

April 09

Professor David Van Horn explains the difference between the Action Learning Project and Capstone, and the ways in which they prepare Rice Business students with the skills required in consulting, creating well-rounded and solution-oriented leaders.

April 08

What’s the sticker price of an MBA? Even for candidates who know their next step is business school, the financial commitment is significant. But you may be surprised at how affordable a Rice MBA really is.

March 19

Class of 2020 FTMBA Student, Ashley John, has four main pieces of advice:
1. Take the GMAT/GRE ASAP!
2. Be genuine in your essays
3. Be patient, trust the process
4. Get to know your professors now! Do some research

February 25

Looking for a job that’s future-proof? At Rice Business, we train you instead to make your own future, with first-rate foundational knowledge, expert technical training, practical experience -- and powerful relationships based on collaboration and shared values.

February 21