Date and Time:

Aug 06–Nov 14, 2020
8:00am to 10:30pm

Prospect student looking to learn more about Rice Business? Our recruiting and admissions officers are "traveling the globe" looking for future MBAs to join our graduate programs. (Please note that currently we are only able to attend virtual events.)

We look forward to meeting you at one of the virtual MBA fairs listed below. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Rice Business Recruiting and Admissions Team

Register for MBA Tour Date Time
MBA Tour: Hong Kong 7/29/2020 6-9:30 pm UTC+8
MBA Tour: Tokyo 7/30/2020 6-9:30 pm UTC+9
MBA Tour: Brazil 8/6/2020 5-8:30 pm UTC-3
MBA Tour: Lima 8/12/2020 5-9 pm UTC-5
MBA Tour: Bogota 8/13/2020 5-9 pm UTC-5
MBA Tour: Mexico 8/17/2020 5-8:30 pm UTC-6
MBA Tour: Singapore/Malaysia 8/24/2020 6-9:30 pm UTC+8
MBA Tour: Jakarta 8/26/2020 6-10 pm UTC+7
MBA Tour: New Dehli 9/14/2020 6-10 pm UTC+5:30
MBA Tour: Bangalore 9/15/2020 6-10 pm  UTC+5:30
Access: Tel Aviv, Israel  9/16/2020 TBA 
MBA Tour: Hyderabad 9/16/2020 6-9:30 pm UTC+5:30
MBA Tour: Mumbai 9/17/2020 6-10 pm UTC+5:30
Access: Paris 9/19/2020 TBC 
MBA Tour: Chennai 9/21/2020 6-9:30 pm UTC+5:30
Access: London 9/22/2020 TBC 
Access: Amsterdam 9/25/2020 TBA 
MBA Tour: Washington DC 11/2/2020 TBD UTC-5
MBA Tour: Toronto 11/7/2020 TBD UTC-5
MBA Tour: Montreal 11/9/2020 TBD UTC-5
MBA Tour: Boston 11/12/2020 TBD 
MBA Tour: San Francisco 11/12/2020 TBD 
MBA Tour: Los Angeles 11/14/2020 TBD UTC-8