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At Rice Business, you'll make friends for life. Everything you need is close by, and everyone knows your name.

Mascot interacting with children at family partio

Time to Partio

The “partio,” or party on the patio, is a venerated Rice Business tradition. Whether it’s an international partio to celebrate the different cultures in our community or a family partio where you can introduce your littles and loved ones to your Rice Business family, partios are our favorite way to unwind and get to know each other better.

Female Hispanic Student

Diversity Matters

We call ourselves family, but we’re all different. Different opinions. Different career goals. Different cultures and backgrounds. We’re one of the most diverse communities of graduate business students in the U.S. and that’s intentional, because diversity is at the heart of our collaborations and essential to our ethos. Diversity is more than numbers at Rice Business. It’s friendships that span differences. It’s what makes us feel at home.

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Best of Both Worlds

We offer the best of both worlds at Rice Business: A small, tight-knit student body contained within a single building that offers access to the facilities and grounds of the 300-acre Rice University campus. Rice Business students are encouraged to visit and use the university’s library, student center, chapel, rec center, and coffee shops, as well as the Lilie Lab and the Turrell Skyspace.

Day in the Life

Matt Manriquez, a Full-Time MBA student, shows you a day in his life from an early-morning work out at the rec center to lunch with classmates, and a wind-down at a campus favorite, Willy's Pub!

Hear From Our Alumni

Personally Speaking

Kristina Mentakis Headshot

My favorite moment of my Rice MBA experience so far was when my section won the “Section OWLympics.” We relied on each other as a team, and our friendships have continued to this day.

Kristina Mentakis

Full-Time MBA ‘21

Xiaolu Zhang Headshot

I love running on the trails around the Rice campus in spring. It's beautiful.

Xiaolu Zhang

Full-Time MBA ‘21

Cynthia Liang Headshot

One of our classmates is a certified personal trainer so he developed a "business school workout plan" for us. Pre-COVID, many of us followed the plan religiously! I loved seeing everyone at the gym using his workout plan!

Cynthia Liang

Full-Time MBA ‘21

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