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Our Community

"The Rice community has always been super supportive of me and has always had my back. This kind of esprit de corps is what makes Rice Business such a special place and makes it one of the best business schools in the world."

- Sean Ferguson, Full-Time MBA ‘01


The “partio,” or party on the patio, is a venerated Rice Business tradition. Whether it’s an international partio to celebrate the different cultures in our community or a family partio where you can introduce your littles and loved ones to your Rice Business family, partios are our favorite way to unwind and get to know each other better. Join us.

Audrey's Coffee Shop With Sign

Coffee Break

Craving a cortado? Audrey’s Coffee is our community café — a place where students can gather to caffeinate, study and get to know each other.

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Have A Blast

"International Partio was fantastic. The number of cultures represented was awesome, and I think the time and energy our classmates put into sharing a piece of their background was very, very touching."

- Andrew Littel, Full-Time MBA ‘20 

Female student running dressed up for owlympics

Let the Games Begin

Every year, MBA students put on the “Owlympics,” where fellow classmates and alumni come together for a fun-filled day of games and trivia.

Rice truly showed me the power of community. As a prospective student, I felt embraced by existing students and administration—Rice wanted me to win and I had not received an acceptance letter yet!

Raisha T. Smith

Full-Time MBA ‘22

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Our Student Programs Office invests in you and provides support well beyond your academic life. Our team will help you pursue a well-rounded educational experience that includes international exposure and leadership opportunities.

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