RBW Peer-Reviewed Research

Peer-Reviewed Research

Quick, clear translations of faculty research that will change the way you think

Tech StocksPeer-Reviewed Research

Wild Ride

Stock price fluctuate dramatically
Why did stock prices fluctuate so dramatically during the internet boom?
Advertising Peer-Reviewed Research

Follow The Money

Local media impacts firms business and consumer perception
Local advertisers affect local reporting, and in turn, investments.
ElectionsPeer-Reviewed Research

Welcome To The Party

Picking the right political candidate in the selection and election process
Researchers designed a theoretical model that mimicked the candidate selection and election process.
AccountingPeer-Reviewed Research

Mind the GAAP

Accounting rules expectations in accounting audits
Splitting audits into two opinions could improve accounting.
Reputation ManagementPeer-Reviewed Research

Great Expectations

Man with wings stands looking towards the sky
When a school’s reputation gets tarnished, alumni stay loyal.
NegotiationsPeer-Reviewed Research

Crazy Like A Fox

Negotiation tactics using unpredictable emotions can lead to concessions
Unpredictable negotiating behavior predictably leads to more concessions.
Acquisitions Peer-Reviewed Research

You Can’t Take It With You

What makes CEOs less aggressive?
Death of an independent director dampens acquisition fervor for CEOs left behind.
Corporate GovernancePeer-Reviewed Research

Taking The Wall Street Walk

Effects of firm liquidity on corporate governance
Firm liquidity is always good for corporate governance, right? Not so fast.
Financial Accounting Peer-Reviewed Research

Smooth Sailing

Group of sailboats on water
Volatility in cash flow can create strong ripples in the capital market.
Workplace EmotionsPeer-Reviewed Research

Big Boys And Girls Do Cry

Window with rain drops
A leader who shows a human range of emotions during a product recall comes across as powerful.
Family-Owned BusinessPeer-Reviewed Research

All In The Family

Group of people reaching into a plate of food with chopsticks
In a family firm, some things are worth more than money.
Global BusinessPeer-Reviewed Research

Good Fences, Good Neighbors

State-owned enterprises abroad have different location influences
State-owned enterprises need to closely analyze potential overseas investments.