RBW Peer-Reviewed Research

Peer-Reviewed Research

Quick, clear translations of faculty research that will change the way you think

Municipal BondsPeer-Reviewed Research

Greasing Palms

Two people in suits shaking hands while one is handing money to the other.
America's most corrupt states have to pay more to lure bond buyers.
Nonprofit RecognitionPeer-Reviewed Research

Participation Trophy

Two hands lifting up a trophy
Recognizing donors does not always lead to increased giving.
Workplace PsychologyPeer-Reviewed Research

Know Thyself

Woman looking at her reflection in a window
Where people locate their sense of self influences their decision making.
Product MarketingPeer-Reviewed Research

No Pain, No Gain

Person falling onto their side while snowboarding.
How do you sell a product that’s hard to use?
Health CarePeer-Reviewed Research

Bedside Manner

Bottle tipped over with white pills falling out.
How negative information about drugs impacts a doctor's decision to prescribe it.
Market Game TheoryPeer-Reviewed Research

Thick And Thin

United states with a tape measure squeezing the middle.
The profit potential of shrinking markets is rooted in how firms respond to competitor actions in the marketplace.
Market SegmentationPeer-Reviewed Research

The New Middle

Plastic globe in grass
How to track middle class consumption habits in developing countries.
RecessionsPeer-Reviewed Research

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Person taking a picture of a cup of coffee with their phone
Managers should understand consumer behavior during economic downturns.