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Cat and mouse negotiate
Negotiations | Peer-Reviewed Research

Cat And Mouse Game

Does Erratic Behavior Work In Deal-Making?

Illustrated by Nick Anderson. Based on research by Hajo Adam (former Rice Business professor), Marwan Sinaceur, Gerben A. Van Kleef and Adam D. Galinsky. 

Does Erratic Behavior Work In Deal-Making?

Want to know more about using anger in negotiations? Please see our other articles based on Hajo Adam's research Crazy Like A Fox and Mad About You

To read the research: Sinaceur, M., Adam, H., Van Kleef, G. A., & Galinsky, A. D. (2013). The advantages of being unpredictable: How emotional inconsistency extracts concessions in negotiationJournal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49, 498-508.

Hajo Adam is a former assistant professor of management at Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University.

Nick Anderson is a Pultizer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist. 

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