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Thoughtful explanations of current business news from our faculty


Keep On Trucking

Fuel efficiency of pickup trucks
Want to drive freen(er)? Upgrade your truck.
Public RelationsCommentary

Talking Back

Rice Business professor offers PR communications guidance
Guidance for public relations professionals navigating the Q and A minefield.

The Unfriendly Skies

United Airlines needs a PR overhaul
How United got in a PR mess. And how it could get out.

Extend Yourself

Empathy is key to successful communication
Empathy is a big factor in successful communication.

Making Converts Of Consumers

Religious recruitment tactics can apply to marketing
Religion has been marketing itself for millennia; now businesses are borrowing its techniques.
Workplace CreativityCommentary

Meetings Of The Bored

Boredom at work can lead to moments of creativity
Are we are paying too much to quell our fear of boredom?
Energy PolicyCommentary

Shining a Light

Energy policy in Trump administration
A new perspective on energy and politics.

Not Just Digits

For marketers, depending on algorithm-based marketing does not add up
For marketers, depending just on algorithms doesn’t add up.

Best Of Intentions

Dodd-Frank rule repeal
Repealed rule would do nothing to end energy industry corruption.