RBW Commentary


Thoughtful explanations of current business news from our faculty


Energy Infrastructure | Commentary
How Hurricane Harvey affected the oil supply chain, from production to distribution.
September 05
Energy | Commentary
Want to drive green(er)? Upgrade your truck.
August 06
Public Relations | Commentary
Guidance for public relations professionals navigating the Q and A minefield.
April 30
Reputation | Commentary
How United got in a PR mess. And how it could get out.
April 11
Communications | Commentary
Empathy is a big factor in successful communication.
February 22
Marketing | Commentary
Religion has been marketing itself for millennia; now businesses are borrowing its techniques.
January 11
Workplace Creativity | Commentary
Are we are paying too much to quell our fear of boredom?
December 18
Energy Policy | Commentary
A new perspective on energy and politics.
November 20
Marketing | Commentary
For marketers, depending just on algorithms doesn’t add up.
September 06
Regulation | Commentary
Repealed rule would do nothing to end energy industry corruption.
February 23