RBW Peer-Reviewed Research

Peer-Reviewed Research

Quick, clear translations of faculty research that will change the way you think

Peer-to-Peer LendingPeer-Reviewed Research

Tell Me A Story

Crafting a trustworthy persona online makes a difference in landing a loan—and paying it back.
CompetitionPeer-Reviewed Research

Compliments Of The Chef

What happens when food trucks mix business, peer pressure and high standards?
WorkplacePeer-Reviewed Research

Seat Of Power

What happens when the person providing your service feels empowered?
StrategyPeer-Reviewed Research

Map Quest

Solving problems by exploring the far end of possibility.
StarupsPeer-Reviewed Research

Getting To Know You

Startups can profit from partnering with newer venture capital firms.
MarketingPeer-Reviewed Research

The Customer Is Always Right

Learning from customers is as important as stocking the shelves.
Product RecallPeer-Reviewed Research

Splash Guard

How can a firm fix its reputation and restore the publics trust after a product recall?
CEO CompensationPeer-Reviewed Research

Bread Winners

How do big firms determine executive pay?
Human ResourcesPeer-Reviewed Research

Too Much Of A Good Thing

When do positive personality traits become workplace problems?
FinancePeer-Reviewed Research

Quantity, Quantity, Quantity

Net Financing, Not The Mix Of Funding Sources, Is What Determines Growth
Net financing, not the mix of funding sources, is what determines growth.
InnovationPeer-Reviewed Research

Jet Lag

To innovate overseas, learn from foreign businesses at home.
InvestingPeer-Reviewed Research

No News Is Bad News

The only thing the market likes less than a late report? Silence.