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Expert Opinion

Peer-reviewed research applied to the news of the day

Marketing StrategyExpert Opinion

Big Picture

Big Picture
Dashboards alone do not provide value; it's up to marketers to distill insights.
TechnologyExpert Opinion

Short Circuit

Group of circuit breaker boxes
Businesses like technology as a way to reach audiences quickly and nimbly. What could go wrong?
After HarveyExpert Opinion

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

How do we make the best decisions when it comes to a flood-damaged home?
ReputationExpert Opinion

Star Search

Corporate reputation
Video: The difference between "celebrity" and "infamy" in the world of commerce.
ReputationExpert Opinion

Saving Face

Professor Anastasiya Zavyalova discusses PR crisis
Rice Business professor Anastasiya Zavyalova shares three tips for CEOs facing a PR crisis.
ReputationExpert Opinion

Flight School

United Airlines reputation
How United Airlines can change course.
MarketingExpert Opinion

‘Buy American’: A Branding Toolkit

Buy American branding
Buying American is not just a matter of price and quality.
PresentationsExpert Opinion

Say It Loud

A child screaming into a microphone
Make your presentation shine by knowing your objectives and weaving a story.
Socioeconomic StatusExpert Opinion

Road Block

Closeup of road block marker
Since 1982 it has become harder and harder to stay in the middle class.