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Expert Opinion

Peer-reviewed research applied to the news of the day

Customer SatisfactionExpert Opinion

Cutting Corners

Scissors cutting the corner of a sheet of paper
Don't get distracted by the gleam of customer loyalty and forget the real goal: customer satisfaction.
NegotiationsExpert Opinion

Mad About You

Mad About You
How a dignified display of ire can add a positive glow to negotiations.
PricingExpert Opinion

Careful Ascent

Group of people climbing an icy mountain
How to raise prices without driving away customers.
Donation BehaviorExpert Opinion

Like Minded

Like Minded
Like customers, donors can be segmented by a variety of drivers.
Customer SatisfactionExpert Opinion

Positive Feedback

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Companies can earn more by deriving insights and informing strategies with customer feedback.
Marketing StrategyExpert Opinion

Big Picture

Big Picture
Dashboards alone do not provide value; it's up to marketers to distill insights.
MarketingExpert Opinion

Stay In Your Lane

Stay In Your Lane
Why most companies should avoid taking political stances.
EducationExpert Opinion

Safety Zone

Saftey Zone
Public school parents are consumers — and they demand safety.
TechnologyExpert Opinion

Short Circuit

Group of circuit breaker boxes
Businesses like technology as a way to reach audiences quickly and nimbly. What could go wrong?
After HarveyExpert Opinion

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

How do we make the best decisions when it comes to a flood-damaged home?
SpendingExpert Opinion

The Price Is Right

What is undisciplined spending?
How much is too much to spend on a piece of avocado toast?
ReputationExpert Opinion

Star Search

Corporate reputation
Video: The difference between "celebrity" and "infamy" in the world of commerce.