RBW Peer-Reviewed Research

Peer-Reviewed Research

Quick, clear translations of faculty research that will change the way you think

Human ResourcesPeer-Reviewed Research

Too Much Of A Good Thing

When do positive personality traits become workplace problems?
FinancePeer-Reviewed Research

Quantity, Quantity, Quantity

Net Financing, Not The Mix Of Funding Sources, Is What Determines Growth
Net financing, not the mix of funding sources, is what determines growth.
InnovationPeer-Reviewed Research

Jet Lag

To innovate overseas, learn from foreign businesses at home.
AcquisitionsPeer-Reviewed Research

Sore Losers

Mergers less successful if after CEO loses award
Failing to win awards can drive CEOs to make risky decisions.
LendingPeer-Reviewed Research

Trust Me On This

Person throwing a toddler up in the air
In peer-to-peer lending, appearances can tell the truth
Organizational BehaviorPeer-Reviewed Research

Money Talks

Organizational behavior and social advocacy
How employees shape the companies that help reshape society.
Super BowlPeer-Reviewed Research

Home Field Advantage

Advertising influences investors
Advertising reaches potential investors, who tend to invest in what they know.
StatisticsPeer-Reviewed Research


Statistics should be read with caution
Many tests, big conclusions: What could possibly go wrong?
LeadershipPeer-Reviewed Research

Now, Back To Me

A heron looks at its reflection in the water.
How narcissistic CEOs sabotage their firms.
Corporate ReputationPeer-Reviewed Research

A Star Is Born

Poor corporate reputation can be hard to forget
Consumers often react to corporations based on whether they reflect their personal values.
Emerging MarketsPeer-Reviewed Research

Road Warriors

Leather suitcases stacked
In emerging markets, locals with experiences abroad can bring distinct advantages to business at home.
Corporate LobbyingPeer-Reviewed Research

Textbook Case

Person holding up a red book
Is it time to treat corporations’ political activity as an academic field?