Top electives

MGMT 604 - Mindfulness and Performance in the Workplace

Throughout contemporary society and corporate America, we frequently hear people touting the value of “mindfulness.” What exactly is this concept – and how can it foster high performance in the workplace and improve the quality of workers’ lives? This course addresses these questions through cases and experiential-learning activities.

MGMT 678 - Business of Healthcare

Sequence of offerings that provides an introduction to the business of healthcare in the U.S. Topics include health care systems, health service organizations, and issues relating to the aging problem and the technology explosion in healthcare. Required elective for MD/MBA's dual degree students. Repeatable for Credit.

MGMT 691 - Breakthrough Negotiations in a Healthcare Context

This course is tailored for an audience interested in healthcare. We will talk about how the characteristics of the healthcare industry impinge on negotiations, and the exercises and simulations conducted are based in a healthcare context. Repeatable for Credit.

MGMT 712 - Process Management and Quality Improvement

This course provides students with tools, techniques and frameworks for recognizing and analyzing operating performance opportunities along with a process-centric lens with respect to commercial competitiveness. The course provides a team project opportunity to identify business performance issues and take action by diagnosing and addressing relevant process components.

MGMT 778 - Customer Experience Management

This course examines the key issues in managing customer experience in customer-focused service organizations. Its learning objectives are to understand the customer decision journey framework, diagnose and solve problems with journey mapping, design a transformative customer experience, measure experience, and manage unforeseen mishaps and setbacks.

Part-Time Faculty

Ken Janda

Ken Janda

Adjunct Professor in Management - Healthcare
Edward John Kroger

Edward Kroger

Adjunct Professor in Management - Healthcare
Farzad Soleimani

Farzad Soleimani

Lecturer in Management – Healthcare