RBW Peer-Reviewed Research

Peer-Reviewed Research

Quick, clear translations of faculty research that will change the way you think

Financial Accounting Peer-Reviewed Research

Smooth Sailing

Group of sailboats on water
Volatility in cash flow can create strong ripples in the capital market.
Workplace EmotionsPeer-Reviewed Research

Big Boys And Girls Do Cry

Window with rain drops
A leader who shows a human range of emotions during a product recall comes across as powerful.
Family-Owned BusinessPeer-Reviewed Research

All In The Family

Group of people reaching into a plate of food with chopsticks
In a family firm, some things are worth more than money.
Global BusinessPeer-Reviewed Research

Good Fences, Good Neighbors

State-owned enterprises abroad have different location influences
State-owned enterprises need to closely analyze potential overseas investments.
Rethinking Sec RulesPeer-Reviewed Research

Experiments In Short Selling

The effects of short selling rule changes alters stock prices
Changing short-selling rules alters stock prices and company choices.
Investment BankingPeer-Reviewed Research

Long-Term Partners

The impact on relationships institutional investors
Long-term relationships between investors and underwriters influence pricing and trading.
Workplace Discrimination Peer-Reviewed Research

Heavy Losses

Workplace discrimination occurs overweight people
Obese men face significant discrimination in retail settings, both as clients and employees.
Business Partnerships Peer-Reviewed Research

Love At First Sight Isn't Enough

Two birds next to each other on a beach at dusk
In business partnerships as in marriage: Get acquainted, be nice and build trust.
Rethinking Sec RulesPeer-Reviewed Research

Timing Is Everything

Gold hourglass on a counter
Early peeks at SEC notices increased information uncertainty.
Workplace Psychology Peer-Reviewed Research

Don't Mind If I Do

Man balancing on one leg
In the workplace, mindfulness has largely remained a matter of intuition—until now.
Client Management Peer-Reviewed Research

When Clients Just Don't Understand

A dog looking confused
How clueless clients can hurt your business — and how to enlighten them.
Virtual CommunitiesPeer-Reviewed Research

Word Of Mouth

Group of goldfish
Both firm-sponsored and consumer-driven online communities offer value to businesses.