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Corporate ResponsibilityFeatures

Do The Right Thing

A child's hand passing a cookie to an adult's hand
Why some companies rally to help in a disaster.

The Cure For The Common Cubicle

What is the ideal office space?
Can science help us build a better office space?
Professional SportsFeatures

Hoop Dreams

What the Houston Rockets sale means to fans
Why selling a team can break hearts across a whole city.
Online ShoppingFeatures

Groceries A La Cart

Is online shopping for groceries the new normal?
Will home delivery be the future of food shopping?
Mergers And Acquisitions Features

Culture Clash

Whole Foods and Amazon: Can their corporate cultures coexist?
Urban RenewalFeatures

Fixer Upper

What will happen to the Astrodome?
What is Houston going to do with the Astrodome?

The Secret Life of Tea

Personal networks are a powerful boost to innovation
Employees' personal networks—and the networks of their friends–are powerful boosts to innovation.
Second CareersFeatures

Giant Steps

Second careers can lead to some unexpected places
From investment banking to protecting wildlife, with a lifetime of skills.

Shopping For Customers

Department store closings in the US
If department stores are to survive, they have to recapture a time when they were destinations in themselves.
Small BusinessFeatures

Curiosity Shop

Small, Immigrant Business Survives Gentrification
Food means belonging and feeling of home in immigrant business.
Cultural LiteracyFeatures

Life Of The Party

Quinceanera video goes viral in US
What Rubi's Quinceañera can teach the U.S. about Latinos.
Urban RenewalFeatures

Turning Green

Urban renewal and the greening of Houston
How do you create more public parks? By bringing in private partners.