Faculty and Research at Rice Business

Recognized for their exceptional academic achievements as evidenced by peer-reviewed journal publications and other scholarly activity, the business school faculty at Rice University have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally. To find clear, quick translations of their bold ideas, try reading Rice Business Wisdom. It will change the way you think.  

Below are academic areas at the business school: 


Our accounting area is staffed by a group of trailblazing senior scholars who have made major contributions to accounting research and pedagogy, balanced by vibrant, next-generation scholars who will reach even greater heights. Our passion for educating the future leaders of a premier business school and a world-class research university is frequently recognized by teaching awards at the business school’s annual investiture.           


Everything we teach is designed to turn MBA students into strategic communicators. In the global and digital landscapes of business today, the ability to communicate effectively – to inform, motivate, persuade, and listen – has never been more important. Through both classroom instruction and small-group coaching, faculty work continually to hone students’ oral, written, and strategic communication skills. This teaching grows from our own academic training as well as decades of real-world business experience.


Successful entrepreneurs need a thorough understanding of all areas of business as well as the knowledge and ability to create business plans that address real market opportunities. The business school is a recognized leader in entrepreneurship education and research. Our programs help shape tomorrow’s vital new businesses by ensuring that students and graduates possess the skills necessary to create and sustain prosperous new enterprises. 


The finance area and its curriculum at the business school reflect the broad interests, experience and expertise of our faculty, ranging from basic financial management to more technical subjects such as options and other derivatives as well as financial modeling. Our faculty's research specialties include all major areas, from corporate financial policies to issues in investments and mathematical finance, with their papers consistently published in the top academic journals of the finance profession. 


Marketing is the wellspring of all business activities that support happy and fulfilled consumers. It is the business discipline that shapes successful strategy, by taking an empathetic perspective of customers, and distinguishing a company’s products and services from others. In every industry, whether the end-consumer is an individual or a business, the successful company is one which does its marketing well. Here at the business school, our marketing faculty group embraces the multidisciplinary, quick-changing, “part-quantitative analysis, part-creative art” nature of marketing. 

Organizational Behavior 

Organizational behavior faculty have advanced theory and published research on several critical topics, including affect, creativity, emotions, ethics, expertise, intuition, personality, and sensemaking. Through innovative exercises, cases, and assignments, faculty demonstrate the applications and importance of organizational behavior in today's dynamic business world. Each area contributes to the foundation, opportunity and achievement of our students, and the management faculty - renowned in their fields - furnish a roadmap of standards for the growth of business and business education today. 

Strategy and Environment   

Our strategy and environment faculty continue to introduce groundbreaking research in the field of strategic management. Faculty in the group have published pioneering work on such issues as emerging markets, entrepreneurship, corporate governance, alliance and merger strategies and corporate responsibility. Each area contributes to the foundation, opportunity, and achievement of our students, and the management faculty - renowned in their fields - furnish a roadmap of standards for the growth of business and business education today.