Anastasiya Zavyalova

Associate Professor of Strategic Management

Dr. Zavyalova is an Associate Professor of strategic management at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University. She received her Ph.D. in strategic management from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business. Dr. Zavyalova’s research focuses on socially responsible and irresponsible organizational actions that build, damage, and restore social approval assets, such as reputation and celebrity.

Dr. Zavyalova has taught reputation management, organization theory, strategic management, and social entrepreneurship courses.


The Surprising Science Of Scandal

Professor Anastasiya Zavyalova, a scholar of scandals, reveals startling truths about public-facing scandals, from NCAA to the Catholic Church.


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Teaching Interests: 

–Reputation management
–Strategic management

Research Interests: 

–Organizational wrongdoing
–Organizational reputation management
–Organizational identification

Intellectual Contributions

Journal Article

Goldfarb, B., Zavyalova, A., and Pillai, S. 2018. “Did Victories in Certification Contests Affect the Survival of Organizations in the American Automobile Industry During 1895-1912? A Replication Study.” Strategic Management Journal, 39(8): 2335-2361.

Journal Article

Zavyalova, A., Pfarrer, M., and Reger, R. 2017. "Celebrity and Infamy? The Consequences of Media Narratives about Organizational Identity." Academy of Management Review, 42(3): 461-480.

Journal Article

Zavyalova, A., Pfarrer, M., Reger, R., and Hubbard, T. 2016. "Reputation as a Benefit and a Burden? How Stakeholders’ Organizational Identification Affects the Role of Reputation Following a Negative Event." Academy of Management Journal,59(1): 253-276.

Journal Article

Zavyalova, A. 2014. "Negative Consequences of Good Reputation and Positive Outcomes of Negative Events." Socio-Economic Review, 12(1): 181-186. 

Journal Article

Zavyalova, A., Pfarrer, M., Reger, R., and Shapiro, D. 2012. "Managing the Message: The Effects of Firm Actions and Industry Spillovers on Media Coverage Following Wrongdoing." Academy of Management Journal, 55(5): 1079-1101.

Book Chapter

Zavyalova, A. 2016. "Organizational Identification." In C. E. Carroll (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of corporate reputation. New York: Sage.