Rice Business External Alumni Relations

As a business school recognized for its strong programs and committed alumni ‚ÄĒ both to career and community ‚ÄĒ we are proud to offer personal and professional development opportunities specifically created for you. We strive to cultivate connections with you and for you through the resources listed below.¬†

Alumni Career Services

Our Career Development Office offers job and career support tools. 

Lifelong Learning (e.g. Audit a Class)

Executive Education, class audits, Glasscock School of Continuing Studies - Explore these and other opportunities for lifelong learning.

Rice Business Regional Chapters 

Join a regional group of Rice alumni for global outreach and connections. 


We provide a comprehensive list of networking organizations and opportunities for Rice MBA alumni.

Alumni Directory

Update your contact info and search for classmates! 

Email Forwarding

Create an alumni.rice.edu email forwarding address (you must be logged into the Rice Portal to access this page). 

Fondren Library Resources 

Access to free online research facilities for alumni 

Alumni Parking Permit 

Access to convenient parking lots on Rice campus 

Request Your Transcript 

Rice makes it easy for you to retrieve copies of your transcipts. 

External and Alumni Relations Team

Katherine Schieffelin

Katherine Schieffelin

Assistant Dean, External Relations
Rebeca Kalontarov

Rebeca Kalontarov

Executive Assistant, External Relations
Kathleen Harrison

Kathleen Harrison

Executive Director of Corporate Relations
Jody Sommer

Jody Sommer

Senior Director, Operations, External Relations

Trina (Trinidad) Claire

Assistant Director of Stewardship, External Relations

Jan Spreen

Assistant Director of Operations, External Relations
Alaina Schuhsler

Alaina Schuhsler

Director of Development, External Relations
Ginger Przybyla

Ginger Przybyla

Associate Director, Annual Giving
Kyle Rowland

Kyle Rowland

Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Kaylie Huizenga

Kaylie Huizenga

Annual Fund Specialist, External Relations
Shauna Kim

Shauna Kim Litwin

Alumni Relations Specialist, Alumni Relations