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Why Houston

by Jessica Krom

Life has changed since COVID. And Houston has changed right along with it. We wouldn't want it any other way. 

In the last year, the city ranked No. 2 nationally for growing tech markets during the pandemic and No. 19 in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report. While company headquarters numbers stayed the same — 21 Fortune 500 headquarters ranking us No. 3 in the U.S. — Houston is booming. So choosing this big city as a destination for furthering your education, expanding your career and enriching your lifestyle is a smart decision.

Houston is the most diverse American city. A perfect place to gain new perspectives on business, culture and of course cuisine. (We’re always in the top 10 foodie destinations in the U.S.) It’s also affordable, compared to other big cities. The cost of living is lower in Texas (where most things are bigger). Think groceries, gas, rent and also no income tax

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Looking at Rice Business with Houston as its backdrop, everything feels heightened, especially your opportunities to work and play. There is so much to do in your two years, along with studying for your MBA. Let the people you meet, the student clubs you join and the experiences you have build a foundation for learning and earning your degree, and launching the next phase of your life.

Here are my top 6 reasons why you should choose the city of Houston for your MBA:

For Food

  • 11,000+ restaurants
  • Representing 70 countries and American regions
  • #6 food truck city in the U.S. 

For Innovation

  • The Ion
  • No. 19 in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report
  • No. 1 ranking in Entrepreneurship from Princeton Review

For Industries

For Sports

For Culture

For Play

  • 366 parks
  • 200 green spaces
  • 125 miles of hike-and-bike trails


Want to read more about Houston? Check out our blog post: Choose Houston. 

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