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As a member of The Consortium, Rice Business is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion in business education and corporate leadership by actively engaging underrepresented minorities and their allies. Through participation in the kick-off event, known as “OP,” students are immersed in a week-long experience that introduces them to valuable MBA industry information, connects them to corporate recruiters, and provides access to a vast MBA student and alumni network. Consortium students are supported on campus with career guidance, mentoring, and a student-run co-curricular organization. Rice Business fosters an environment where diverse perspectives thrive, creating a culture where everyone feels valued and included. Scholarships and fellowships support this mission, ensuring that individuals from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to excel and contribute to the business world.

Student Liaisons

Who could offer better insights into the Rice MBA experience than our own current students? Reach out to one of our student liaisons today.

Delphine Ariguzo, Consortium Student liaison
Admissions Co-Liaison
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2025
Felix Buatsi, Consortium Student Liaison
Consortium Career Co-Liaison
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2025
Noe Cervantes, Consortium Student Liaison
Academic and Wellness Co-Liaison
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2025
Cyrus Mistry, Consortium Student Liaison
Academic and Wellness Co-Liaison
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2025
Chanel Stephens, Consortium Student Liaison
Consortium Career Co-Liaison
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2025

Consortium Fellows

    • Sonam Aidasani
    • Erhun Aiwerioghene
    • Olubunmi Aiwerioghene
    • Vanessa Alejandro
    • Bukonla Aloba
    • Zachary Creamer
    • Jocelyn Gutierrez
    • Justin Hover
    • Laetitia Beyegue Mafoma
    • Adrienne Miller
    • Mitra Murthy
    • Ian Nobmann
    • Motunrayo Oladokun
    • Xavaier Oliphant
    • Malesha Oliver
    • Luis-Miguel Padilla
    • Jay Patel
    • Jackie Pena
    • Gabriela Perez
    • Karina Rao
    • Ashleigh Rogers
    • Anthony Sanchez Rodriguez Lee
    • Molley Sheriff
    • Daenera Vazquez
    • Karen Verboski
    • Ashley Ward
    • Aquib Yacoob

    • Ugochukwu Akpakwu
    • Samuel Castillo
    • Chelsea Clark
    • Shyla Cook
    • Alfonso Cortez Gonzalez
    • Natalie Dickman
    • Chinedum Ezeakacha
    • Amado Gonzalez
    • Monica Hicks
    • Jonathan Howard
    • Andrew Martinez
    • Juan Moya
    • Toba Ojogbede
    • Patrick Okorafor
    • Tolulope Olayemi
    • Anthony Rodriguez
    • Bradley Simmons
    • Crystal Tomdio
    • Mark Watson, Jr.

    • Natasha Allam
    • Jordan Are
    • Andrew Bradley
    • Brianna Buckley
    • Courtney Carvalho
    • Jon Clark
    • Olaniyi Dada
    • Nancy Dong
    • Alfonso Terrazas Gonzalez
    • Leo Flores
    • Takeya Green
    • Aster Haileyesus
    • Ashley Henry
    • Victoria Hills
    • Brandon Johnson
    • Jasmine Johnson
    • Elizabeth Jones
    • Allan McBride
    • Belinda Moreira
    • Olufunsho Ogungbade
    • Nathaniel Rogers
    • Justin Rose
    • Justin Salazar
    • Raisha Smith
    • Tehran Almasi
    • David Stechmann
    • Kandace Waddy
    • Mark Zorilla

    • Gloria Escobar
    • Ayobola Fagbola
    • Michael  Arnold
    • Lauren Hollins
    • lsha Khatri
    • Matt Manriquez
    • Nalani Ortiz
    • Armando Porras
    • Antoine Pozniak
    • David Quiroz
    • Reagan Robinson
    • Valerie Valentine
    • Joe Williams

    • Francisco Alvarez Rincon
    • Andria Balogh
    • Geoffrey Clark
    • Veronica Cox
    • Douglas Fiefia
    • Daniela Flores
    • Alexandra Hampshire
    • Ashley John
    • Joshua McNary
    • Karen Meyer
    • Miles Sedillo
    • Dominic Smith
    • Norma Torres Mendoza

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Personally Speaking...

Anthony Sanchez Rodriguez Lee

I believe that the Consortium's emphasis on diversity, inclusivity, and community is essential to my success. Working alongside individuals with varying backgrounds and perspectives has allowed me to approach challenges with greater creativity and efficiency.

Anthony Sanchez Rodriguez Lee

Full-Time MBA

Sonam Aidasani

Throughout the entire admissions process, I easily found friends within the Consortium community at Rice, particularly as a first-generation college graduate. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities the network provides, especially socially, academically, and professionally.

Sonam Aidasani

Full-Time MBA

Xavaier Oliphant

I wouldn't be at Rice without the Consortium and someone believing in me. In my view, "life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself, and the greatest pleasure in life comes from achieving the impossible.

Xavaier Oliphant

Full-Time MBA

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