Dean, Peter Rodriguez

Years ago as a young assistant professor I served on a university planning committee whose charge it was to devise strategic goals for a ‘university of the future.’ We spent much of our time speculating where we would be in 2020 and what would be happening in the world — flying cars, virtual classrooms and that sort of thing. The year 2020 always sounded so modern and far in the future. Yet, here we are. Self-driving cars. Virtual surgery. Digital sneakers. Impossible Burgers. Welcome to 2020.

There is nothing like the start of a new decade to make it feel as though big things are about to happen. We may not yet have flying cars, but this is surely a year, and a decade, when things will dramatically change for Houston, Rice and a business school with lofty aspirations.

It’s not that we’ve been waiting for this milestone to define us as a school. The truth is, we’ve been working toward bigger things all along. We know the fruits of our labors won’t just appear with the change on the calendar. We’re constantly and consistently striving to exceed expectations, to keep the quality of our work high and adapt to the future quickly and wherever needed.

I hope the holidays have given you time to reflect and start fresh with your resolutions. Best of luck and continued success this New Year,



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