Dean, Peter Rodriguez

After Houston’s warmest September on record, fall has kicked in. Finally. It’s hard to believe we’re already facing the last two months of 2019. My quick trip to New York in October feels like ages ago. We had 19 students attend Week on Wall Street, and they kicked off the week with a tour of NASDAQ and an unexpected ringing of the bell with Rice alumnus Daron Evan, CEO of Nephros. I also had a chance to mingle with alumni and prospective students at the alumni happy hour at the Knickerbocker Hotel bar and meet with media. As usual, it was a whirlwind few days, but so worth it.

I want to introduce our new tagline, which you may’ve already noticed or read about. It never hurts to repeat a good story. “You Belong Here” is the new message we’ve been broadcasting to prospective students. If you’re looking to earn an MBA, start with Rice Business. We want them to feel something strong — camaraderie, inspiration and a sense of belonging. Our research tells us this is how students and alumni feel. I hope you do, too. We want the world to know. See how we’re spreading the word.

Now that we’re back from break and able to hunker down for finals and begin to enjoy the holidays and cooler weather, I want to extend my appreciation for your support of the school. As always, there is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.



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