Dean Peter Rodriguez

Happy 2019. At a time of resolutions and new beginnings, the business school is in a position for growth and impact, and we're committed to playing the long game. That means being bold enough to take sizable risks and embrace the sometimes daunting challenge of change.

At the same time, we must recall our fundamental belief that the purpose of organizations is to solve the world’s problems, and resolve to advance it through all our efforts.

We do so by staying romantic about the power of an education to transform a life and to empower a leader to create change for good. And, we do so by finding and fighting for truth in our research.

One of my favorite mantras — good thoughts, good words, good deeds — is a reminder to fill my mind with the best knowledge available, strive ever harder to communicate with clarity and honesty, and pledge to act for others more often.

What do you resolve to accomplish this year?



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