Rice Business Audio Video Services

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 7:30pm
Friday: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am - 4:30pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone: 713-348-3949
Email: jgsav@rice.edu
In person: Office 306 (inside suite 300)

AV Support Requests
Submit an AV request via phone, e-mail, in person, or our online web form. When submitting by e-mail please include as much information as possible (who, what, when, where, etc).
  • For classroom support please submit request with 48 hours advance notice.
  • For event support or please submit request with 2 weeks advance notice.

We provide classroom technology support and media services to the faculty, staff and students of the Jones Graduate School of Business here in McNair Hall at Rice University.

Mission Statement: Provide exemplary service, support and solutions to enhance the faculty, staff and student experience.

Windows 7   Windows 7
operating system
Office 2016   Microsoft Office 2016 (with integrated Box add-in)
presentations, spreadsheets and documents
SPSS   IBM SPSS version 24
statistical analysis
Google Chrome Mozilla Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox
web browsers
Skype Zoom Skype & Zoom
audio & video conferencing
Adobe Connect   Adobe Connect
webinar hosting
Panopto Recorder   Panopto Recorder
lecture capture
Media Player
vSolution Link   vSolution Link (WolfVision)
document camera live preview
TurningPoint   TurningPoint & Poll Everywhere
audience response solutions
Adobe Acrobat   Adobe Acrobat
.pdf viewer


All of our classrooms come equipped with the following items:

  • Projector
  • Powered Projector Screen
  • Lighting Controls (Touchpanel & Wall Plate) with 3 scenes
  • Powered Room Shades with mini-blinds
  • Chalkboard & Whiteboard
  • BluRay player in Tiered Classrooms, Standard DVD player elsewhere
  • Windows PC with Local Monitor at the lectern
  • Built-in Room Speakers
  • Document Camera
  • Touchpanel with "Help" button for rapid assistance
  • Wireless Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer
  • Connections to display Laptop: VGA & HDMI (VGA only in 216 & 316)
  • Wireless Lavaliere & Handheld Microphones (Tiered Classrooms only)
  • Height-adjustable Instructor Lectern
  • Ethernet & Wifi connection for Network access
Room Capacity Projectors Furniture
116 65 1 Tiered Style with Mixed Round & Rectangular Tables
212 65 1 Tiered Style with Rectangular Tables
214 65 1 Tiered Style with Rectangular Tables
216 36 2 (1 at a time) Seminar Style with Rectangular Tables
217 45 2 (Simultaneous or 1 at a time) Cluster Style with Round Tables
218 65 1 Cluster Style with Round Tables
312 65 1 Tiered Style with Rectangular Tables
314 65 1 Tiered Style with Rectangular Tables
316 36 2 (1 at a time) Seminar Style with Rectangular Tables
317 45 2 (Simultaneous or 1 at a time) Seminar Style with Rectangular Tables
318 65 3 (Simultaneous or 1 at a time) Tiered Style with Rectangular Tables
For use within McNair Hall building by faculty & staff only
  • Dell Latitude Laptops (model E5470) with Windows 7 OS
  • Video Dongles/Adapters (VGA to HDMI, MiniDisplayport to HDMI, MiniDisplayport to VGA)
  • Confidence Monitor with Barco Clickshare (advance notice required)
  • Video Cameras
  • Camera Tripods
  • USB Microphones (Zoom b, Blue Yeti mic, Samson Go mic)
  • Logitech Webcams
  • Fender Passport PA System with Handheld Mic & Stands
  • Swivl - Robotic auto-pan & tilt capture assistant for use with camera & mobile devices
  • TurningPoint polling receiver & participant remotes
  • Portable Projector and Projector Screen
  • Portable Conference Phone by Polycom (only for use in 107a, 107b, 134a, 134b)
  • Offering both cloud meeting and webinar software, Zoom is most known for Zoom Video Conferencing, also referred to as "Zoom" by users, which combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration into one platform." Every Rice staff, faculty and student has access to their own Zoom account using their NetID and password. See Rice OIT's instructions here to start using Zoom today: http://edtech.blogs.rice.edu/how-to-use-zoom-desktop-video-conferencing
  • For longer meetings, recording capabilities, more participants than are alotted, or a one-on-one software training simply contact jgsav@rice.edu.
Panopto Recorder
  • JGSB uses Panopto Recorder as our primary Lecture Capture solution. Videos and content recorded using Panopto is stored locally as a backup and is primarily hosted via the cloud. This content can then be shared via link for review, or even downloaded if desired. Panopto Recorder is a part of our standard classroom PC image, and can also be installed on any staff or faculty PC by request.
Adobe Connect
  • "Adobe Connect web conferencing software service offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars." At Jones, we use Adobe Connect for distance learning solutions, virtual interview rooms, informational webinar scenarios, and a variety of other solutions as needed. To host an Adobe Connect meeting, an advance request must be submitted through JGSAV or by contacting our Educational Technology Specialist.
  • JGSAV has Skype installed on all classroom PCs if the need arises to audio or video conference with guests or faculty during class or meetings. Please e-mail if this service is desired as advance notice is required to add remote users to our contact list for the JGSB Skype account.
  • Anderson Family Commons (AFC)
    • Capacity: 230
    • Kitchen access / ice machine
    • Lighting control at wall panel & touch panel with 3 scenes
    • Tables and Chairs arranged per request (via Campus Operations department)
    • HDMI, VGA & MiniDisplayport laptop connections at lectern
    • VGA laptop connection
    • Dual projectors
    • Built-in room audio
    • Wall-mounted Touchpanel controller
    • Touchpanel wall controller
    • Podium with Microphone
    • 4 Wireless Handheld Mics / 4 Wireless Lavaliere Mics (only 4 simultaneous)
    • Wifi Wireless Internet
    • Document Camera with height-adjustable table available upon request
    • Dell Laptop at the lectern available by request
  • Shell Auditorium
    • Capacity: 460
      • 60 Lower Bowl / 322 First floor total / 138 Second floor balcony
    • Lighting control at Entrance & at Touchpanels
    • Touchpanel room controller at Entrance and at Lectern
    • Theater-style seating
    • HDMI, Mini DisplayPort & VGA Laptop connections at Lectern
    • 2 Edge-blended Laser Projectors (Ultrawide 3232 x 1200 resolution)
    • Podium with Microphone & Built-in ultra-wide display for Room PC
    • Dell Room PC available at lectern
    • 6 Wireless Handheld Mics / 6 Wireless Lavaliere Mics (12 simultaneous)
    • Confidence Monitor available for use with Room PC or Laptops
    • Wi-Fi Wireless Internet access
    • Document Camera with height-adjustable table (available upon request)
    • Blackboard and whiteboard (can be covered with curtains if desired)
    • 3 PTZ Cameras mounted in-room, for use with Room PC and 1st floor Production Room
    • 2 RGBW spotlights, controlled with Touchpanels
    • 4 HDMI Wall-plates available around room for external inputs
  • Breakout Rooms
    • Capacity: 8
    • Wall-mounted Display
    • HDMI and VGA connections for Laptop/Mobile devices
      • To check out cabling for the breakout rooms visit or contact the B.I.C. 
    • Whiteboard
  • Meeting Rooms
    • 134 A & 134 B
      • Capacity: 16/16 or 35 combined
      • Wall-mounted display in each room (can show different or same source)
      • HDMI & VGA wall plate and floor plate available for Laptop/Mobile devices
      • Whiteboard in each room
    • 107 A
      • Capacity: 8
      • Rectangular conference table with rolling chairs
      • Whiteboard
    • 107 B
      • Capacity: 12
      • Display in room with PC and wireless keyboard & mouse
      • Rectangular conference table with rolling chairs
      • Whiteboard
    • 308 K
      • Capacity: 10
      • Wall-mounted display
      • Large round table with rolling chairs
      • Polycom conference phone
      • Interactive whiteboard
  • Rapid In-Room Classroom Support
    • Three minute response time during posted hours
  • Video Record
    • With or without camera operator
  • In-Room Event Support
    • Two weeks notice & approval required
  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Audio Capture
  • DVD Duplication
    • Standard DVD, legal copies only

Audio Visual Staff

Michael Bouchoukian

Michael Bouchoukian

AV Manager, Office of Technology
Juan Mendez, Senior Video Producer, Office of Technology

Juan Mendez

Senior Video Producer, Office of Technology
Chris Perez

Chris Perez

AV Technician, Office of Technology
Pat Salas

Pat Salas

Sr. AV Technician, Office of Technology
Troy Tabner

Troy Tabner

Assistant Director, Office of Technology