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Old Boys Club

That Glow From Old School Memories Shines On ... In CEO Pay.

Illustrated by Nick Anderson. Based on research by Alexander W. Butler.

That Glow From Old School Memories Shines On ... In CEO Pay.

Sports, parties, friendship — there's so much to savor about college memories. For CEOs who graduated from the same schools as board members, there's even more to savor: better chance of a pay raise. The nostalgia is not quite so fun for leaders who don't share those school ties. Rice Business professor Alexander W. Butler explains the business perks of belonging to the alumni club. Cartoonist Nick Anderson shows a glimpse of the playing field.

Up In the Air

Alexander W. Butler is a professor of finance at Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University.

Nick Anderson is a Pultizer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.

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