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Rice Business Finance Center

Rice Business Finance Center

Markets. Students. Investments. Experience.

The Rice Business Finance Center marries business school curriculum with real-life applied training across the financial markets. The Finance Center’s hands-on training supplements a number of finance, accounting, data analysis, and entrepreneurship courses and is offered to students in all MBA programs (full-time, professional and executive MBAs), the undergraduate business minor, and to PhD students. The Finance Center is also home to the M.A. Wright Fund and Rice Fixed Income Fund, the business school’s coursework in which MBA students manage investment funds in equities and bonds respectively.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities

The Finance Center provides a wide variety of learning opportunities including:

  • In-class or optional training sessions across financial markets (currency, commodities, energy, equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and real estate) — sessions can directly support curriculum, provide supplementary applied learning or can help with leveling
  • Data sets for use in homework or in-class activities
  • Extra-curricular training sessions
  • Video and written analytical and help guides
  • Career support including hosting bi-annual investment management and private equity networking events and supporting the Finance Club’s annual Week on Wall Street trip
  • Hosting of speakers and conferences including the Texas Investment Portfolio Symposium on February 21-22, 2020

State-of-the-Art Resources

To achieve the Finance Center’s mission requires state-of-the-art technology and a full range of research and analytical tools.


  • Twelve Dell OptiPlex 7040 workstations (10 in the main Finance Center and two in a side room)
  • Dual 24-inch Dell widescreen LED monitors at each workstation (dual touch monitors at the instructor station)
  • Two 90-inch LCD displays
  • Two 32-inch Sony TVs
  • Ceiling microphone and speaker system
  • Communications software including Epic Pen notation software, Panopto and Zoom
  • Two 6-ft x 4-ft dry erase boards
  • Two rolling stock ticker boards

Research and Analytical Resources

These tools can also be used for teaching on a larger scale as many resources can be redirected to the 65-seat lecture room adjacent to the Finance Center.

The Finance Center is located on the school's third floor, room 354. Use of the Finance Center is available to Rice University students, faculty and staff but is strictly limited to use for academic purposes.

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