During the last eleven years, 195 organizations and over 2000 students have participated in the Capstone program.  Some organizations have participated in multiple years with different cases.

Recommendations address strategic challenges and suggest multiple tactical improvement opportunities, and have included:

  • Multi-year growth strategies
  • Turnaround strategies for distressed organizations
  • Business plans for new ventures or major programs
  • Replication strategies

What community organizations are a good fit for Capstone?  

  • Mid-sized organizations or a division/segment of a large organization
  • Houston-based (no student travel should be required to complete the course)
  • Multiple staff members ‚Äď usually a combination of full-time, part-time and volunteers
  • Facing complex, multi-functional strategic challenges
  • Either self-sustaining or external funding-supported
  • Open-minded to potential strategies and solution