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Krissy WhiteKrissy White '23 Executive MBA

"The first year of the program has been transformational. The impostor syndrome that plagued me throughout my career is replaced by a humble confidence. Going through this challenging time has illustrated to me that my strengths are unique, valuable and sought after in the world. This realization has empowered me to be a more self-assured, patient and empathetic wife, mother, daughter and businessperson."

After eight years in roles within The Ritz-Carlton and Jumeirah International Hotel Group in Dubai, White took herself off “the GM track” and moved back to Houston to pursue more fulfilling goals. In the five years after, she and her husband, Otto Sanchez, welcomed two children and opened Magnol French Baking. Magnol gained national attention from publications such as Food & Wine Magazine. At the same time, White ascended to director of operations at LegalEASE, a voluntary HR benefit company that matches members with local attorneys. To maximize the potential of the bakery, and add value to LegalEASE, she decided to get a formal entrepreneurship education and was thrilled to learn that the best Executive MBA program was in her backyard.

Aquib YacoobAquib Yacoob '24 Full-Time MBA

"I’m coming to Rice to (un)learn, skill up and build community to help meet the urgent and growing global demand for change. The past few years have demonstrated the need for a stronger social impact sector. I’m coming to Rice to better understand the financial systems that shape social impact work — from the inside. We need to reimagine and build a sustainable model of social change work: one where our communities can neutralize threats and meet urgent needs while driving the structural changes required to uproot inequity."

Yacoob is a community organizer, strategist and “fixer,” utilizing the arts and culture as vehicles to reclaim power in communities oppressed by difference. He has developed human rights campaigns, trained organizers with Amnesty International, joined the Women’s March and helped lead a gun violence solution to the White House. Yacoob says the nonprofit model alone cannot create the structural, root-level changes communities need and founded a social impact consulting firm, The BROWNMANRUNNING Agency. He is also the director of special projects at Women’s March.

Liam MorrisLiam Morris '23 MBA@Rice

"The pandemic changed the way we work. While the airline industry is back stronger than ever, we had to rethink the way we approach everything. Rice Business provides an education that fosters the mindset of approaching each challenge with innovative and out-of-the box thinking. Working as an operations leader, my schedule can be rough. MBA@Rice provides the highest quality education, the flexibility to work with my schedule and the resources to succeed. The best part is that I literally can apply the thoughts and knowledge shared by my professor and peers at the office the morning after class."

Morris’ career started while he was attending the University of Texas at El Paso and working at the local airport for different airlines. At the end of his sophomore year, he was selected for an internship as an analyst with United Airlines in New Jersey and ultimately earned a full-time role as an operational supervisor. He then transferred to Rutgers University, where he graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In January 2022, he was promoted to assistant manager of airport operations customer service in Houston, where he helps to oversee one of United’s largest hubs.

Sara MoghaddamSara Moghaddam '23 MBA@Rice

"As the pandemic disrupted the way we live, work and conduct business, I saw leaders scrambling to manage the fallout. This was a wake-up call, and I saw the need to get more training with a more comprehensive understanding of business strategy and operations, to have better vision to take calculated risks, to learn how to deal with uncertainty, and to be more effective in leading and resolving organizational problems. I chose to join the MBA program to build these competencies, and it has been an exciting journey so far."

As a Ph.D. in chemistry with years of experience in conducting research in academia and industry, Moghaddam has developed the skills to channel her expertise to make a difference. Being more involved in strategic decision-making processes, she learned that there is a gap in her knowledge of translating technology to successful business outcomes. The MBA@Rice program was the best way to accelerate her understanding of critical business skills.

Jennifer RogersJennifer Rogers '24 Executive MBA

"My purpose in life is to be an unrelenting advocate for the potential that exists in others, and I am focused on emerging technology and innovation as a “people accelerator” in an age of disruption and exponential change. I’m honored to be a part of the Rice ecosystem because it provides me with an amazing network of talented and passionate individuals all working in service of humanity to transform the world around us. I cherish the family-oriented aspect of the Rice community and the opportunities that it provides to support and grow alongside one another as we explore and expand our horizons far beyond our current reach."

Rogers is an experienced learning and talent development executive with a demonstrated history of strategic workforce transformation and capability development. She specializes in workforce optimization and acceleration utilizing a unique combination of emerging technologies and data analytics and has led large strategic initiatives in several complex global organizations and industries, including oil and gas, mining, aviation and financial services. Rogers is VP of learning and development at RPM Living, a rapid-growth-stage real estate firm.

CJ HolderreadCJ Holderread '23 Full-Time MBA

"Given the changes taking place around the world, there is a need for everyone to adjust to new roles. Rice Business has helped me navigate this dynamic landscape by equipping me with the skills to tackle modern business challenges. There have also been opportunities to apply these skills to real-world scenarios. I traveled to Portugal to participate in the Global Field Experience program and worked with a local fintech company, advising them on a strategy to expand to North America. The project required my team to adapt to an unfamiliar business context and prepared us to become future business leaders."

Holderread is from Kingwood and earned his B.B.A. in energy commerce from Texas Tech University. He holds leadership positions in the Rice Energy Finance Summit Committee and Finance Association. Before Rice Business, Holderread worked for Equinor as a land representative, partnering with landowners and regulatory agencies to secure the right to explore for and develop minerals and other energy sources. He aspires to leverage his experience to begin a career in investment banking.


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