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Finding the ROI in Your Houston Part-Time MBA

by Steve Summers

Enrolling in the Rice Business Professional MBA program is your chance to make a dramatic change in your career trajectory without interrupting it. You’ll bring new skills to work, master the work-life-school balance and make deep connections with people doing the exact same thing as you. Along with what you learn in the classroom, your network and net worth will grow.

And those benefits don’t wait until graduation. Many of your opportunities arise during the program. Many students ask for a seat at the table because of what they have learned and the new perspective they offer. They receive promotions as they begin applying what they’re learning and reap the rewards of the program from the beginning.

While a robust professional skill-set is necessary to adapt to change and have more career choices, your PMBA class will be one of the program’s most distinctive benefits, thanks to your classmates’ life and work experience. We know our Rice MBA requires a significant investment – both in finances and your time. Here is how to best calculate your ROI.

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Return – The Right MBA Pays Dividends for Life

You can start with our strong career outcomes. Our PMBA graduates accept positions in a wide range of industries and job functions, including many who secure promotions and pivot to different companies. That means that you not only continue making a salary while securing an MBA, giving you an edge, but you also have the opportunity to earn a higher compensation at graduation and beyond.

Check out our Class of 2021 post-MBA outcomes:

  • 61% accepted a new role at a new company
  • 21% accepted a new role at their current company
  • $131,331 average base salary
  • $130,000 median base salary
  • 35% average base salary increase compared to pre-MBA salary
  • 70% received some kind of bonus (i.e. signing, expected, guaranteed)

Next, think about having the Rice Business network for life. Careers are long and your most powerful asset to navigate the ups and downs is a responsive network that opens doors. Our alumni base is 8,000 strong now, and they answer when you reach out. They interview our students for plum jobs and understand the rigor you’ve experienced. You can connect with Rice University alumni in the same way. While both networks are solid in Texas, you can find them in every state and almost every country. The Rice degree is your bond for life.

Once an alum, the learning doesn’t stop. There will be plenty of lifelong learning opportunities to sharpen your skills, learn new things and ensure you’re equipped to succeed no matter how the world changes. Your career will be filled with promotions, transitions and chances to pivot.

Attending a prominent university provides you access to premium career services. As an alum, you can always seek advice from our experienced advisors in the Career Development Office, who will help with job search strategies, transitioning your career, connecting with companies who want to recruit top MBAs, and other career-related needs. Our doors are always open for you.

An Investment in You

While the investment in tuition may feel daunting, our Financial Services team can sit down with you one-on-one to explain scholarships, financial aid and loans that will make paying for the degree possible. They’re familiar with the whole field of possibilities for lowering business school costs — and there are many. We offer a select number of merit-based scholarships to students in our Professional MBA programs. All admitted students are automatically considered for scholarship awards as part of the application review process and would be notified at the time of admission.

When you’ve decided to invest in yourself, remember that Houston’s best part-time MBA, the Rice MBA, will give you opportunities while you’re still in the program, bump your salary and put you on a higher trajectory for your growth path. In terms of higher education degrees, it offers one of the greatest returns on investment.

A brighter future starts with a bold first step. Get started on your application and reach out to my team for guidance. 

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