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Career Outcomes You Can Count On

by Philip Heavilin

Updated from original post that was published on 08/16/2022.

With graduates reaching record-breaking success in the job market, we credit our strong partnerships with hiring companies and the committed team in the Career Development Office for making all the difference. In the last 18 months, MBAs have experienced a favorable hiring market. That, combined with our strong relationships, resulted in the Full-Time MBA Class of 2022 post-graduation offer percentage of 94%. The average and median salaries were also the highest reported in school history at $142,212 and $140,000, respectively. Including this summer of 2022, this is the fourth year in a row where 100% of our job-seeking full-time students secured a summer internship.  

It’s a great time to earn your MBA.

Students at Rice Business have access to an exclusive career platform called OWL Careers that includes job opportunities, access to career coaches, recruiting events and career workshops. In the 2021-22 academic year, the Career Development Office held over 2400 coaching sessions, 90 recruiting events, 80 career education workshops, and posted over 980 job opportunities.


The Industry Rundown

Investment Banking

In spring 2022 recruiting, we saw our largest class of Investment Banking interns accept positions for summer 2022 internships, a near 20% year-over-year increase. This fall, our annual Week on Wall Street trek will be in person in NYC where students have an opportunity to meet with Rice Business alumni working in the banking industry.  


Consulting remains the most popular post-MBA industry at Rice Business, with 27.6% of the graduating class of 2022 accepting roles within consulting. Students accept positions with all the major firms, including McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte, EY-P and others.  


This is the second summer in a row that technology will be the most-entered industry for our summer internships, followed by consulting and financial services. Student interest in working within the technology industry continues to grow. In response, our corporate relations team launched the Technology Career Connections event in the fall to bring technology firms and students together. In addition, a parallel Technology Career Trek is planned alongside the Week on Wall Street trek to connect students to more alumni in the technology industry outside of Texas. A trek to Austin is also planned this fall.


In the post-pandemic world, you are not limited to local in-person recruiting. Virtual recruiting is becoming more common for companies to engage with students across more schools, increasing the diversity of their candidate pool, and decreasing the expenses associated with recruiting teams visiting campuses. We are expecting there to be a more hybrid approach to recruiting this fall, with more companies opting for virtual information sessions, coffee chats and interviews. To align with that, our Diversity Networking Event in the fall will be delivered both in person and virtually.

To make students prepared for virtual interviews, the CDO has designed targeted workshops that focus on video interviewing best practices. Our advising team also deployed platforms and resources that address the need to prepare students for video interviewing. For example, Big Interview is a platform available to students that uses machine learning for student-recorded interviews and offers targeted feedback on how the student could improve their recorded interview.  

Finally, we’re preparing students for what diversity, equity and inclusion look like in the workplace. Companies are keen to hire a diverse talent pool for their organizations, and they’re also interested in hiring candidates who can effectively work on diverse teams. More companies are asking candidates to reflect on their willingness to work within a diverse workplace.

Students are prepared for these types of conversations through the one-on-one coaching they have access to as students. Our coaches are experienced career advisors that assist students with drawing stories from their backgrounds to effectively convey to employers how their experiences are directly relevant to the role and the workplace.

The talent and experience of Rice Business students draw a wide variety of employers. When you enroll as a Rice MBA, you also gain access to a network of professionals working in diverse industries across the U.S. and the world. Our alumni are eager to help with securing jobs for students. This year 78% of students accepted job offers from the Rice Business community. Review the Industry Rundown above for a snapshot on a few industries. You can learn more about our career outcomes here. Let us help you exceed your goals.

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