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WILC Sessions and Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Shiza Shahid
Cofounder and founding CEO, The Malala Fund
Co-founder, Our Place

Panelists: Founders Corner

Asma Mirza
Founder and CEO, Steradian Technologies, Inc.
Joanna Nathan
Manager of New Ventures, Johnson & Johnson Center for Device Innovation - Texas Medical Center
Susan Yara
Founder, Mixed Makeup
Co-founder, NATURIUM

Panelists: Energizing the Future

Barbara Burger
President, Technology Ventures, Chevron Corporation
Vice President, Innovation, Chevron Corporation
Gin Kinney
Vice President, Communications and Marketing, NRG
Ann Oglesby
Vice President, Energy Research & Innovation, Phillips 66

Panelists: Making Comebacks

Rium Johnson
Chief Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental Officer, NOV
Jeff Whiting
Owner, Open Jar Studios
Founder, The Broadway Relief Project

Panelists: Having It All

Lara Dolnik Shveta Pillai

Interactive Workshops

Leading the Way You Want the World to Be Led

Presenters: Lara Dolnik and Shveta Pillai

The COVID-19 global pandemic is continually redefining the employment landscape. Certain kinds of jobs are disappearing. Others demand that we do more with less to accommodate resource gaps and limitations. Furloughs, job losses, homeschooling, virtual meeting marathons—how do we move beyond merely surviving? This pandemic doesn’t hold the sole rights to redefining our futures. Instead, it brings with it an opportunity for each of us to redefine how we want to lead the future today. It offers a time to reflect, redefine and take ownership of what matters most. This workshop is designed to help each participant do that.

Each of us possesses our own unique leadership lifestyle. Our style defines what matters to us most, the goals we achieve, and the actions we perform. During this highly interactive coaching-based workshop, we will begin the journey by delving into an honest understanding of where each of us finds ourselves in this moment across the 3Ps: professional, personal and physical.

By the end of this workshop, you will walk away with:

  • A framework for how to lead with greater intention towards your goals
  • Awareness into how you want to lead yourself in today’s market
  • Defining your first step towards living your leadership lifestyle
Janet Moore

Communicate Like an Authentic Leader

Workshop facilitator: Janet Moore

Increasingly, employees expect leaders (existing and emerging) to communicate with authenticity. In this workshop, you will learn specific strategies for bringing personal authenticity to workplace communication and personal branding—and the benefits of doing so.

Tamara Clarkson

Don't Leave Yourself Behind: Choosing Self-Care Over Burnout

Workshop facilitator: Tamara Clarkson


Sandra Voyadzis

LeadStyle Small Group Sessions

How To Get Out of Your Own Way to Step Into Your Power

Workshop Facilitator: Sandra Voyadzis

Do you know how much you are in your own way and how much your habitual behaviors hold you back from success? In this highly interactive workshop, you will be introduced to your inner critic and saboteurs. Then you’ll learn how to step into your internal leader’s sage so that you live and lead authentically, powerfully and courageously.

We will also briefly discuss the neuroscience of how your internal dialogue impacts your ability to succeed as well as some of the behaviors that typically hold women back.

Sonya Ware

The Art of Uncomfortable Conversations

Workshop facilitator: Sonya Ware

Each day we have all kinds of conversations. Some are more comfortable than others. Our goal is to share simple strategies that help you lean into the uncomfortable conversations that today’s environment demands we have.

This is an interactive session. It starts with a daily conversation that can change your life. From this conversation we pivot to conversations of conflict, women at work, and we end with the uncomfortable conversation of race. These are the conversations that can change our world.

Cecilia Engquist

The Wholehearted Leader

Workshop Facilitator: Cecilia Engquist

Cecilia is a certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator based on the research of Brené Brown. “Who we are is how we lead” is a central theme in Brown’s Dare to Lead™ curriculum. In this workshop, we’ll use this as a basis for our exploration of some key concepts such as courage, vulnerability and embracing the suck. Come prepared to discuss, reflect, laugh, and above all, dare to learn something new about yourself.

Michael Landrum

Get, Leverage, and Be An Ally

Workshop Facilitator: Michael Landrum

Allyship is crucial to the growth and success of leaders. Especially women leaders. This workshop will create discussion around the following areas:

  • Who make the best allies?
  • Why become an ally for other women?
  • How do you get an ally(s)?
  • How do you leverage them?

You walk away with next steps to ensure your continued ascension within the organization AND how to bring other women along with you!

Ann Wheelerm

Building Your Dream Team

Workshop Facilitator: Ann Wheeler

An essential part of being an effective leader is knowing how to select and develop people. But leaders are also often called upon to work with the team they have inherited. There has been a lot written about the need for diversity on teams, so that the best possible solutions and plans are implemented. But how do you select for diversity? Is it strictly on race or gender? On education or experience? And if you have inherited a team, how do you develop that team toward being the best it can be?

In this interactive session, we will discuss:

  • approaches to understanding what is needed on a team,
  • approaches for determining who has the talent you need,
  • ways to maximize and develop talent in those around you, and
  • strategies to make sure you are effectively leading through others in a way that maximizes your leadership impact.
Rebecca Lowe

Women Supporting Women

Workshop Facilitator: Rebecca Lowe

A workshop aimed at assisting women to break out of the conditioning to compete with each other, and give us tools to be able to better support other women, both at work and in the world at large. We will also look at our patterns of behavior that get in the way of supporting ourselves, and asking for help. We have so much conditioning that tells us we have to do it alone, especially in leadership. Knowing how to get and give support makes you a better leader, and makes the job much easier.

Lara Dolnik Shveta Pillai

Leading with Presence and Voice

Presenters: Lara Dolnik and Shveta Pillai

In part two of our workshop, we specifically look at finding your “Leadership Presence and Voice.” In this hour, we invite you to explore how embracing your voice can create greater impact as a leader. We will take you through interactive exercises designed to help you reflect and identify the first step towards finding and strengthening your voice.

Daryl Roth

Bonus session for free and premium ticket holders:

A Candid Conversation with Daryl Roth, Broadway Producer

Workshop facilitator: Daryl Roth



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