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Rice Business Staff Council

Making Magic Happen

Our Mission: To enhance the work experience for all staff members of Rice Business by providing representation, resources and opportunities for involvement that elevate and celebrate overall work-life engagement.

The staff council was formed in 2018 to work with the dean’s office in an effort to strengthen ties between employees in the business school, enrich the school through more efficient and thoughtful processes, and improve our personal and professional outcomes.

If you have questions or comments, please email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


Current Rice Business Staff Council

Associate Director of Communications and Events
Career Development Office
Associate Director, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Technology
Career Development Office
Senior Digital Content Specialist
Marketing and Communication

About Leadership Roles

  • 2021-2022



  • Lead

    • Sets meeting and Town Hall agendas
    • Invite and coordinate guests for meetings and town halls
    • Host Town Halls
    • Facilitates meetings


    • Plans and executes events as determined by the RBSC
    • Recommended that a committee be created to assist with event execution
    • Coordinates appreciation events with Events Team 

    Secretary / Treasurer Liaison

    • Takes and creates meeting minutes and uploads to Box
    • Arranges meeting times and reserves rooms
    • Manages historical documents and resources
    • Arranges for Town Hall meetings to be recorded
    • Posts relevant documents to Box
    • Manages budget and approves purchases
    • Aligns policies and procedures with Jones School financial policies
    • Interfaces with the Finance Office to assure proper fund allocation


    • Monitors and organizes the RBSC email
    • Handles any communications challenges
    • Main point of contact for communicating with the Dean/Dean's Suite
    • Manges Coffee & Conversations with the Dean
    • Handles incoming confidential Q&A