V. Richard Viebig

Professor in the Practice of Accounting

Educating future entrepreneurs and business leaders about the impact of tax regulations on businesses, Richard Viebig brings to the classroom not only his knowledge of tax law, but also his experiences as head of an accounting firm involved in tax planning and compliance for small corporations, closely-held businesses, and individuals. Viebig, a Rice alumnus and founder of Richard Viebig & Associates, P.C., noted by Money magazine as among the "Best Tax Practitioners" in Houston, has taught courses in federal taxation at the Jones School since the school's inception. "Taxation is a major cost to business. It's a significant factor in making business decisions, especially in merger and acquisition activities," Viebig said. "In my class, students gain general comprehension of how tax laws affect businesses of all sizes." Perhaps the most important takeaway from Viebig's class is the personal approach he brings to the classroom. Trisha Grisham, Class of '99, Executive Compensation Consultant, William M. Mercer Co., remembers Viebig's willingness to offer advice on issues beyond the scope of the taxation course he teaches. "His class on taxation was small, so he was able to get to know each student. He seemed to take a personal interest in each one of us. I really appreciated his efforts to teach us well and help us with the entire graduate school and career decision process," she said. Satisfaction derived from helping ensure that the new generation of business leaders understands the complexities of federal taxation is chief reason for Viebig's continued commitment to teaching the course at the Jones School. "I truly enjoy the mental stimulation of being around bright, ambitious students," he said.

Teaching Interests: 

-Tax Law -Federal Taxation