Erik Dane

Jones School Distinguished Associate Professor of Management – Organizational Behavior

Erik Dane's research focuses on cognition in the workplace. Through field research and laboratory experiments he examines topics such as attention, creativity, expertise, intuition, and mindfulness. He also enjoys writing theory articles on these topics. Erik's work has been published in several leading journals in the field of management including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes among others. He received a Best Paper Award for his Academy of Management Review article, "Exploring Intuition and its Role in Managerial Decision Making."

In addition to his research, Erik teaches organizational behavior in the Executive, Professional, and Full Time MBA programs. He adopts an evidence-based approach to the subject and structures his course around a central theme: challenging conventional wisdom.


Inside The Magic Of Work Epiphanies

A conversation with Professor Erik Dane about epiphanies at work and in life: how they happen and what they tell us about the nature of problem-solving.

To read more about Prof. Dane's work, please visit Rice Business Wisdom.


Teaching Interests: 

-Organizational behavior

Research Interests: 

-Decision making