The talent and experience of Rice Business students draws a wide variety of employers. With a unique classroom experience and innovative curriculum, our programs produce quality graduates with strong analytical skills and broad business experience.



  • OWL Careers Recruiting Platform: This portal supports companies in their on-campus and off-campus recruiting activity, offering the opportunity to post full-time and internship positions. 
  • On-Campus Interviews: The Rice MBA Career Development Office is the perfect place to host interviews. Companies will be provided with a complimentary private interview room, parking, and lunch.
  • Dedicated 1st Year Interview Week (January 13-17, 2020): The Career Development Office understands that recruiting season can be stressful for both recruiters and MBA candidates. This year, a dedicated interview week was created to allow for both company representatives and students to organize on and off-campus interviews successfully. Students will not have classes during this week to increase their flexibility and availability. 
Information Sessions Hosting an on-campus 60 minute Information Session is a great way to showcase company employment opportunities and engage with students on-campus.
Corporate Receptions Hosting an on-campus reception after a company event allows employers to engage with students in an informal setting. The Rice MBA employer relations team will handle all of the logistics for interested companies.
PARTIO Sponsoring PARTIO (party on the patio), a Rice Business School tradition that takes place every Thursday, offers companies a unique opportunity to showcase their company brand and engage with Rice MBA talent in an informal setting.
Club Engagement Partnering with one of Rice Business school’s student clubs provides employers with the opportunity to target talent for their company opportunites. Explore the clubs and connect with club leaders.
Company On-Site Visit Hosting an on-site visit for Rice MBA students at your corporate headquarters is a great way so showcase your company culture and have current employees share their perspectives and experiences.

If you’re interested in engaging with Rice MBA talent, contact Jessica Campbell for more details. 


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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

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