An MBA from Rice Business is an investment that will pay dividends throughout your career. See Rice Business Professor James Weston explain why.

Professional MBA-Evening and Professional MBA-Weekend program:

Both the Professional MBA-Evening and the Professional MBA-Weekend programs consist of a 22-month, lock-step curriculum that is delivered in four consecutive semesters (two academic years). The total two-year tuition for the Professional MBA-Evening Class of 2021 is $107,750, and tuition for the Professional MBA-Weekend Class of 2021 is $112,750. In both cases tuition is billed in 25% increments over the four semesters. 

Professional MBA-Evening Extended program:

A third option is the Professional MBA-Evening Extended program, which allows you to complete the same curricular requirements (a minimum of 54 credit hours) over three to five academic years. While there are some basic enrollment requirements each semester, this academic structure allows you full control to align your pace of completion with your lifestyle preferences. For students entering the program in Fall 2019, the tuition is $107,750 and is billed on a prorated per credit hour basis each semester.* 

Enrollment Deposit and Fees for All Programs:

All programs require an enrollment deposit of $2,500** that is due upon acceptance and will be applied toward your first semester bill.

There is only one required institutional fee*** in addition to Tuition: students pay a Student Activities Fee ($50 per semester). The following items are provided to students at the school's expense: 

  • Textbooks and program materials
  • Parking
  • Privileges at Fondren Library
  • Light meals before classes

Available Resources:

Tuition may be covered by the use of

In addition, many students’ tuition needs are supplemented by company financial support. We encourage you to check with your company regarding education benefits and tuition reimbursement programs. 

Billing and Payment Arrangement Deadlines:

  • Fall: Billing begins the first week of July with a payment deadline of August 10
  • Spring: Billing begins the first week of December with a payment deadline of January 10

*Tuition rates subject to change. The per credit hour billing amount is prorated based on the total program Tuition ($107,750) divided by the total minimum number of credit hours required to complete the degree (54). The prorated amount is then multiplied by the total number of credit hours you are enrolled in for that semester (Example: $107,750 / 54 credits = $1,995. Assume enrollment in 6 credit hours in a given semester: $1,935 x 6 credits = $11,972).

Important Note: While we encourage you to pursue your distinctive interests by enrolling in extra elective courses, the total cost of your program may exceed $107,750 if you choose to enroll in additional credit hours above the 54 minimum required to complete the MBA for Professionals-Evening Extended program. 

**The $2,500 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the program and serves as a guarantee of enrollment in the year for which you are accepted. Failure to enroll in that year results in forfeiture of the deposit and will require reapplication. 

***Health Insurance is an institutional requirement. You may waive this requirement by submitting proof of alternative medical insurance that meets Rice University minimum standards.