Full financial assistance will be offered to each admitted student in the Ph.D. program in the form of a research assistantship, where the student must work as a research assistant for assigned faculty members. JGSB Ph.D. students are not allowed to work as research or teaching assistants beyond the 20 hours per week required to earn their stipend and tuition waiver.The financial assistance is merit-based and is contingent on continued satisfactory progress (which includes prior satisfactory performance as a research assistant).

Tuition Grants

Full tuition support is available for each year of full-time study, conditional on satisfactory progress in the doctoral program.


Admitted students will be offered stipend support of $40,000 per fiscal year6. This stipend is available for each year of full-time study, conditional on satisfactory progress in the doctoral program. To be a full-time student and receive a stipend, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours every semester (6 credit hours during the summer session).

Research and Academic Support

Each student will be provided with a workspace, a personal computer with office software7 including all necessary (as determined by area faculty) statistical packages and access to the Rice University network, library access, online academic journals access and e-mail. Each academic year students will be granted a research support budget. First and second year students will be given $1,000, third and fourth year $2,000 and fifth year $1,000. These funds are desginated rollover funds from one academic year to the next. This budget can be used for miscellaneous research and academic expenses such as books; computer equipment or software; conference travel or registration; organizational dues; or other items that directly support the student in their studies and research.


6A condition for such stipend support is that the student must not engage in outside work for pay without prior permission from the Ph.D. program director. An incoming student bringing outside financial support in the form of a merit-based or fellowship will still be eligible to receive the stipend in full in addition to such outside support. If a student in the third year or beyond generates such outside support, the JGS stipend will be decreased by 50% of the outside support.        

7The computer will be refreshed after successful defense of the dissertation proposal. Instead, students completing their third year of study may be eligible for a computer refresh if needed and with the recommendation of their advisor.