MAcc Program Prerequisites

The Rice MAcc trains future leaders in the accounting profession in critical and analytical thinking, objectivity, a global perspective, an ethical mindset, exemplary oral and written communication skills, and data analysis. We embrace students who possess the ability to synthesize ideas across different disciplinary areas. Students from any undergraduate major can be a great fit for the MAcc. 


What coursework do I need to join the MAcc?

Before applying to the MAcc program, you must have completed the direct equivalent of Rice’s introductory financial accounting undergraduate course, BUSI 305: Financial Accounting. Students should email the syllabus of their prospective equivalent of BUSI 305 to for evaluation of direct equivalency to BUSI 305 prior to submitting their application.

In addition to BUSI 305: Financial Accounting (Introduction to Financial Accounting), there are two other accounting prerequisites:

  • BUSI 405: Issues in Financial Reporting I (Intermediate Financial Accounting I)
  • BUSI 440: Auditing

You have two options to fulfill these two accounting prerequisites. We offer a focused, 3-week pre-term equivalent of these courses on campus during Rice's Summer Session I, which runs mid-May to early June. (Note that additional tuition will be charged for the preterm courses.) Alternatively, you may take the direct equivalent of these courses through another institution, subject to the MAcc Admission Committee's approval. Email the syllabi of your prospective direct equivalents of BUSI 405 and BUSI 440 to for an evaluation of direct equivalency.

Incoming MAcc students also need 15 credit hours in business-related disciplines, such as statistics, economics, management, marketing, finance, and information systems. If you are planning to seek CPA licensure through the state of Texas, The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) requires CPA candidates to have completed 24 credits of related business subjects. Nine of these 24 credits will be taught through the MAcc program, leaving 15 credits that you need to have completed before beginning the MAcc.

Please refer to the¬†TSBPA‚Äôs website¬†to determine whether you have fulfilled the ‚Äúrelated business‚ÄĚ coursework requirement. You may contact¬†Professor Ben Lansford, the MAcc Program Director, with questions regarding your progress toward meeting the ‚Äúrelated business‚ÄĚ requirement.

Download a PDF version of the related business coursework requirements.

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