Rice Business MBA for Executives

For those seeking breadth, the Executive MBA (EMBA) is designed for leaders and experienced executives, focusing on experiential, integrated learning. The program emphasizes the development of individual leadership, strategy and decision-making skills. These pillars of executive success are built on a strong foundation of core knowledge in the functional areas and are capped with a deep-dive into leading the global firm. 

The Executive MBA entails: 

  • 22-month program on alternating weekends (Friday and Saturday)
  • Four required week-long executive forums
  • Mandatory international forum

Engaging Faculty

All Rice MBA courses are taught by a dedicated, nationally-recognized team of professors who create an engaging, challenging learning environment. These faculty members maintain an important balance between teaching and research, integrating insights from their own rigorous, peer-reviewed research and helping students understand these topics in the context of today’s ever-changing business landscape. Visit Rice Business Wisdom for examples of our peer-reviewed business research presented in a compelling, quick-to-read package.

Members of our faculty also implicitly nurture skills and traits that are critical to success for tomorrow’s leaders. In every course, students have an opportunity to work one-on-one with an accessible, involved and energetic member of the faculty, who believes that academic research and current industry knowledge are as critical as textbooks to a student’s education.

Career Development

Throughout the program you will work with an experienced executive coach to fill identified gaps in your leadership portfolio. In addition to that you will also have access to a career advisor in the business school’s Career Development Office (CDO). The CDO partners with students and alumni to meet their professional development goals, and they will work with you on whatever your needs are, from resume revisions to strategizing the next 10 years of your career.

Resume Pre-Assessment

Are you a possible candidate for the Rice Executive MBA program? Submit your resume for a quick pre-assessment by our recruiting and admissions staff. We would be happy to help you figure out which MBA program is right for you.