The Management Incubator

Upcoming Date(s):
October 5-6, 2020


Overview: The transition to management is a major career milestone. A milestone that recognizes your achievements and contributions to the organization and suggests others see in you the potential to lead. However, success in management is based on more than the technical or functional skills that have presented you with this opportunity. The Management Incubator is designed to build a strong foundation of core management skills to ensure your continued success. In this interactive, two-day program, Professor Brent Smith will utilize case-studies, group exercises, and extensive discussion to guide you through the state-of-the-science in management. 

Who should enroll?

Junior managers, first-time supervisors, and those who are preparing for their first management responsibility.

Tuition: $1,800 - Tuition includes class materials and daily breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

What to Expect

  • Overcome common pitfalls in transitioning to management
  • Becoming a manager: What are the new rules?
  • Getting each employee to bring their best to work
  • Managing individual performance by setting clear, appropriate expectations
  • What makes for a compelling direction for your team?
  • Managing the boundary between your organization and your team

Your Professor

Brent Smith, Ph.D.. Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education

All Executive Education faculty are award winning professors who teach full time in the MBA and EMBA program at the Jones School and have extensive business or consulting experience. Read more about Professor Smith's research at Rice Business Wisdom, our online ideas magazine with clear, practical translations of faculty research that will change the way you think.

It is expected that participants have their own health insurance valid in the United States. The university is not responsible for medical expenses incurred by participants during the program.


Zoran Perunovic

Director, Executive Education
Brent Smith

D. Brent Smith

Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education, Associate Professor of Management and Psychology ‚Äď Organizational Behavior