There is still time to join the MBA Class of 2024. The final application deadline for the Professional and Executive MBA programs is June 15. GMAT waivers available.

Student Government

Jones Student Association (JSAFT)

Our Vision

Improve the Rice MBA experience for past, present and future full-time students.

Our Mission

The Jones Student Association for full-time students facilitates constructive communication between the student body and the administration, faculty and staff at the Jones Graduate School of Business. Additionally, the JSA creates an atmosphere which promotes interaction between all our students and the community surrounding Rice Business including; opportunities within Rice University, the Association of Rice Alumni, other top-tier MBA programs, and the international business community. As a result, the JSA aims to maximize student access and opportunities, optimize learning and increase the value of the Rice MBA.

What We Do

Facilitate communication between the full-time student body and Rice Business administration, faculty and staff. We host Lunch Colloquium on most Monday from 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM where students, faculty, staff and administration pass along important information to the student body.

Partner with a variety of organizations to give back to the local Houston community. Service opportunities such as blood drives, food and clothing donations, and the Jones Gives Back program allow students to bond with the local community and with each other.

Serve as a catalyst for the Rice Business student experience and culture through networking, professional and social events throughout the year. These events are meant to help build community, as well as give students a chance to unwind from the rigors of the program. In the past, our social events have included:

  • Weekly Partios (parties on the patio)
  • Happy Hours
  • Tailgates Section
  • Olympics
  • Halloween Costume Contest
  • Holiday "Ugly Sweater" Contest
  • Crawfish boil and other end of the semester/year events
  • The Annual JGSB Gala: A night of music, dancing and merriment

Our Goal

Our greatest goal is to codify the efforts of all Rice Business stakeholders to maximize student opportunities, optimize the MBA learning experience and increase the value of the Rice MBA. By bringing together not only our fellow full-time students, but also the Professional and Executive MBA students, as well as Rice Business administration, staff and faculty, we hope to foster the sentiment that we are all one great “Rice Business Family.” Therefore, our goals and duties for the school year are to:

  • Improve outreach and access for JGSB students across the admitted to alumni spectrum
  • Keep the student body informed through transparency of action and policy
  • Empower students Expand Rice Business influence within Rice University
  • Improve the MBA experience for future classes
  • Foster an inclusive “Rice Business Family”
  • Develop student government best practices with other top MBA programs
  • Improve the quality of the communication between the full-time student body and the Rice Business faculty, staff and administration

Jones Student Association for Professionals

Our Mission

To serve and represent our fellow, past and future students in the program; to be a united and unifying force; to be the force that betters the program and augments the student experience; to facilitate relationship building; to close the communication circle.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Rice Business Jones Student Association for Professionals (JSAP) is to shape the future of the program by advocating for the rights and interests of the student body.

  • Create an atmosphere at Rice Business conducive to fellowship and camaraderie that will promote interaction between and among students, and between students and the academic, business and alumni communities.
  • Represent MBAP students before the administration, faculty and staff on any and all issues deemed to be important.
  • Act as a liaison between students and the administration, faculty and staff, fostering communication and an open exchange of thoughts, concerns, suggestions and ideas.
  • Increase transparency and accountability in administrative decision-making.
  • Raise student awareness of policies, procedures and opportunities.
  • Bring student interests to the forefront of program development decisions.
  • Encourage and support student participation in program activities.


Jones Student Association for Executives

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Rice Business Jones Student Association for Executives (JSAE) is to:

  • Promote unity among Rice EMBA students during their time in the program
  • Ensure that EMBA students access and contribute to the Rice network including alumni, faculty and other enrolled students (FTMBA and PMBA)
  • Defend and extend the legacy of EMBA students past and present through the adoption of IREP and active leadership in the local and global community
  • Act in all ways to represent the needs and concerns of EMBA students before the administration, faculty, staff and all other Rice Business programs