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Professional Associations

Professional Associations

You know business school is more than core courses and electives. Take the opportunity to network, learn and grow through our professional associations.

  • The Rice Finance Association (RFA) at Rice Business is open to students interested in all areas of finance.

    The RFA works closely with the Career Development Office (CDO), alumni and faculty to assist in career development and opportunities within finance.

    The mission for the Rice Finance Association is to:

    • Train and educate members in finance and interview preparation.
    • Assist in career exploration within finance-related industries and functions.
    • Facilitate networking opportunities with Rice Business alumni and recruiters.

    As the largest club on campus, the RFA leverages resources and our alumni base to provide a value-added experience for students interested in:

    • Investment Banking
    • Sales and Trading
    • Equity Research
    • Corporation Finance
    • Private Equity
    • Private Wealth Management
    • Asset and Investment Management
    • Venture Capital
  • Mission Statement

    The CleanTech Association shall catalyze and lead Rice Business' expansion into the field of sustainable energy, transportation and other environmentally-friendly technologies. Through educational lectures, panel discussions, treks, town hall discussions and other events, the CleanTech Association shall expand the Rice MBA experience into the exciting, growing cleantech industries that are transforming the energy landscape and addressing the environmental challenges faced by an industrialized world. Through this focus, the organization will play a leadership role at Rice Business to educate the student population on the cleantech landscape and open new doors to employment opportunities in related fields.


    The purpose of this organization shall be to:

    • Expand the Rice MBA experience into the exciting, growing cleantech industries that are addressing the environmental challenges faced by an industrialized world.
    • Play a leadership role at Rice Business as an educational resource on the emerging cleantech field.
    • Open new doors to internships and full-time employment opportunities in cleantech industries, such as renewables, energy storage and electric vehicles.
  • The Consulting Club of Rice Business helps equip its members with the necessary knowledge and network to succeed in careers in consulting and business development. The club serves its members and the Rice Business community in two ways:

    • As a resource for students to learn to excel at case analysis and interviewing through workshops, team practice and intra-school competition
    • As a vehicle for students to network with consulting and business development leaders and contacts through the club’s database and social events
  • The Adam Smith Society is a nationwide, chapter-based association of MBA students and business leaders who work to promote on-campus debate and discussion about the moral, social and economic benefits of capitalism. The society is sponsored by the Manhattan Institute, one of the nation's pre-eminent public policy think tanks.

    What We Do

    With the cooperation of MBA student leaders, the national office of the Adam Smith Society underwrites and helps to coordinate a series of intimate on-campus events that give MBA students access to prominent business leaders, academic, journalists and public officials. Speakers discuss their experiences and offer insights about the connections between successful business, the maintenance of our nation's free institutions and a robust civil society. The Adam Smith Society also convenes national and regional events for student members and alumni.

  • The Rice MBA Energy Club equips its members with knowledge, skills and relationships so they become successful professionals and leaders in the energy industry throughout the world. To accomplish these objectives, the Energy Club will:

    • Educate students in all facets of the dynamic energy industry
    • Connect students with a vast network of energy professionals, resources, and Rice Business alumni that is both local and global in scope
    • Promote local events that offer club members opportunities for professional development, learning and networking; Facilitate civic involvement among club members and the Houston, Texas community.
  • The Entrepreneurship Association is dedicated to fostering the innovative entrepreneurial spirit and vision in the Rice Business community. Our members have interests in many different areas of new venture creation, from founding or managing a startup to investing, advising or serving as a corporate partner. We feel that learning to build and grow sustainable ventures is a crucial aspect of one’s business education, and we strive to provide our members with a lifelong learning and support network to minimize risk and maximize success.

    To these ends, the association offers numerous opportunities for involvement. These include:

    • Guest lectures on entrepreneurial topics such as: developing a business plan, raising capital, industry specific entrepreneurship, sales and intellectual property
    • Panel events offering valuable insights from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
    • Visits to successful local startups and technology incubators
    • Networking events with local, national and international entrepreneurial organizations
    • Membership and participation in the REO (Rice alumni entrepreneurship organization)
    • The Ignite Entrepreneurship Conference
    • Participation in the annual Venture Capital Investment Competition
    • Direct involvement in administering the Rice Business Plan Competition, the largest and richest in the world

    Through these activities, we offer our members valuable insight from industry and thought leaders in venture capitalism, angel investment, young entrepreneurship and innovative and independent thinking. We structure our events to appeal to both full-time and professional MBA students and embrace both career changers and career enhancers.

    The future belongs to those with vision and passion. In our quickly changing environment, innovation and leadership are needed more than ever and the Entrepreneurship Association is here to provide our members with the resources and support to achieve their goals.

  • The Rice MBA Global Business Club is a social and professional community for students to enhance awareness and develop skills in global business issues. Our events include the International Partio, guest-speaker panels, and social and cultural networking events. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities; however they have a common interest in bringing international perspectives and skills to the Jones Graduate School of Business.

    The Global Business Club's mission is to promote and create an environment for Rice MBA students to understand international business and take part in this necessary global experience through social networking events.

    We promote cultural diversity and understanding through the largest Partio on campus, and deliver networking events with internationally experienced speaker panels. These activities are in line with the Global Business Club’s objectives as follows:

    • Educate the Rice community on diverse international business practices and culture
    • Further career prospects for Rice MBA students and increase networking opportunities
    • Increase awareness of work opportunities in foreign countries
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide opportunities to learn the business of healthcare, and to interact with leaders in healthcare services, healthcare consulting, health insurance, health financing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. We will increase students' awareness of career prospects in these industries in a supportive and collaborative community with other Jones School of Business Clubs in order to help students realize and reach their career goals.

    Who Should Join

    Students with a general interest in the healthcare industry and in careers ranging from life sciences, medical devices, insurance and healthcare services delivery to professional services such as healthcare banking consulting, and venture capital. This year our membership will consists not only of MBA students from the Jones Graduate School of Business, but also graduate students from the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering.

    Members have access to:

    • Speakers Series
    • Panel Discussions
    • Alumni Networking and Events
    • Career Services Support
    • Database of Career and Professional Development Contacts
    • Recruiting Events
    • 2nd Year Mentorship Program
  • Our Mission

    There are many organizations on campus, but only one that focuses on the entire impact that businesses have on the community and society. Net Impact focuses on corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability: the future of business! Net Impact aims to empower today’s generation to drive social and environmental change by creating awareness and hosting events that encourage using business as a force for environmental and social impact.

    Who We Are

    • A group of current and emerging leaders in CSR, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development, and environmental sustainability who are actively improving the world
    • An international organization with over 300 member chapters - spanning six continents
    • A group of more than 60,000 members making a tangible difference in public, private and non-profit organization
    • An influential network of MBAs, graduate students, and professionals
    • A strong network and platform that assists at any stage of your career through a jobs board and other tools
  • Mission

    The Rice Jones Graduate School of Business (JGSB) Operations & Supply Chain Club strives to reduce the distance between the academic and industry environment by connecting members with JGSB and industry resources and providing feedback from operations and supply chain experience.

    How does Operations & Supply Chain Management fit into my career goals?

    • Operations & Supply Chain Functional Management Roles
      • Functional roles directly working on operations and supply chain management
      • Operations excellence roles: continuous improvement programs and Lean/Six-Sigma work
    • Finance
      • Internal: financial decision-making will be tightly integrated with operations performance
      • External: investment decisions require an understanding of the company’s operations capabilities and also what financial measurement can be used to assess the company’s health
    • Management Consulting
      • Significant market for operations consulting services; almost all top firms have operations practices
      • IT consulting works heavily with operations and supply chain systems, which requires strong knowledge of the associated processes, metrics, etc.
    • Executive and Other Business Unit Management
      • Your success will depend on effective operations, among other things
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Club (PEVC) focuses on financial opportunities and challenges in directly investing in both new and established companies to fund growth, new technology, make acquisitions, or to bolster and solidify a balance sheet.


    The mission of the Private Equity & Venture Capital Club is to:

    • Educate members in the types of private equity and venture capital funds and financial transactions.
    • Prepare members for careers in the private equity and venture capital industry.
    • Facilitate a network of JGSB Alumni and industry leaders for member career advancement. 
  • Our Mission

    The mission of the Rice Real Estate Club is to:

    • Educate REC members and MBA students about the diverse array of real estate career opportunities.
    • Network with industry professionals, including Houston real estate business leaders, Rice MBA alumni, and global connections.
    • Prepare students for internship and full-time real estate opportunities.

    The REC helps students explore potential careers in:

    • Real Estate Management
    • Development and Construction
    • Investment Banking and Mortgage Banking
    • Brokerage and Leasing
    • Corporate Real Estate
    • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
    • Appraisal and Consulting

    Please feel free to contact us by email at

  • The Rice Business Board Fellows program is a year-long experiential learning program that matches talented, energetic, and committed Rice MBA students as fellows on local nonprofit boards to serve as non-voting board members.

    Both students and organizations benefit from the Rice Business Board Fellows program: Organizations gain access to the ideas and energy of future business leaders with the possibility of cultivating potential new board members. MBA candidates learn valuable leadership skills from community leaders and gain experience in the nonprofit sector from “real life” non-profit management and governance.

    Students and organizations must apply in order to participate in the program. Once they are chosen, the board fellows and organizations are then matched according to the student’s skills and background and the organization’s needs. The student’s personal interest in an area of service provided by the nonprofit is also considered.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Rice MBA Marketing Club is to create value for its members by providing access to distinguished faculty and alumni, extending the learning experience outside the classroom, and creating a forum for students to interact with marketing professionals.

    At its core, the club is committed towards helping members achieve their professional and personal goals.

    Throughout the school year, the Rice Marketing Club will host events, competitions and workshops that will allow both the Jones School to achieve the following objectives:

    • Increase the network of organizations and companies looking to hire Rice MBAs
    • Leverage Rice's academic disciplines in order to develop talented, principled and innovative marketing leaders
    • Engage with members of the Rice, Houston and global marketing community in order to create a forum that fosters personal and professional development
    • Empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain desired internships or full-time career positions
    • Create valuable and long-lasting relationships with other marketing club members, Jones School faculty and marketing professionals
  • Mission

    As members of the Rice community, we believe that by working together we can fulfill our overall objective of promoting the development of general management and strategy skills among Jones GSB students. We will bring students, faculty, and the business community together to increase overall industry knowledge, provide awareness of key issues, and outline potential careers in such fields as:

    • Business strategy — identify and respond to new business opportunities through developing growth and client strategies, assessing strategic mergers and acquisitions, and implementing optimal solutions.
    • Operations strategy — formulate operational models and strategies to deliver operational excellence, including process reengineering and product development.
    • Organizational change strategy — facilitate the implementation of new business models in an effort to improve operations and processes. Technology strategy — align business priorities and leverage technologies to drive growth and operational excellence.
    • Develop, acquire, and position intellectual property to increase business value.


    The purpose of this organization shall be:

    • to help students develop functional and managerial skills
    • to foster relationships with companies and facilitate knowledge in corporate management and strategy in order to expand students’ career opportunities
    • to provide guidance and support to members throughout the recruiting process with assistance with career advice, customer research, and interview prep
    • to provide a forum for students, faculty and industry to exchange leadership and management concepts
    • to engage the Rice and Houston community on issues surrounding strategic decision making
    • to provide opportunities for Rice students to learn and engage in discussions, speaker series, and panels that pertain to corporate management and strategy
  • Technology Association helps prepare its members for careers in the technology industry. The association accomplishes this by:

    • Leveraging the experience of second year students to educate incoming students about potential MBA career paths in technology and the MBA technology recruiting process.
    • Utilizing our committed and growing alumni network to host informational events in which students get a first hand account of the work an MBA in the technology industry does.
    • Skill development workshops in Tableau, SQL, and R.
    • Collaborating with the Career Development Office to make the technology treks to San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin an enriching experience.