Sameer Bandhu

Global Product Line Director, GE Transportation
Jones Partners Board (Rice MBA '07)

Sameer Bandhu is Vice President at GE Ventures. GE Ventures is an innovation engine focused on accelerating promising start-ups, creating new business models, developing new markets, and nurturing ideas into scalable initiatives both inside and outside of GE. He works at accelerating innovation and growth for partners by providing access to GE technologies and inventions through licensing and joint development partnerships and monetizing restructurings.

Formerly, he was the Global Product Line Director for GE Transportation. a global technology leader and supplier to the railroad, mining, marine, stationary power, drilling and services industries with annual revenue of over $5 billion and more than 10,000 employees globally.

Mr. Bandhu previously held commercial, strategic development, pricing and product management roles with Aeroderivative Gas Turbines and Distributed Power businesses within GE Power focused on product lines ranging from 10 MW to 100 MW gas turbine engines.

Mr. Bandhu came to GE from the oil and gas industry holding roles in marketing, business development, program management, and technology assimilation. Mr. Bandhu earned a bachelor’s of technology in planning from GND University, a graduate degree focused on geographic information systems from Michigan State University, and a Master of Business Administration from the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. He has been on the management committee for GE’s Houston Diversity Council and Houston Manager’s Network and is also the GE corporate liaison for the Jones Partners.

Mr. Bandhu is the immediate past-president of the board of directors at Jones Partners.