Regina Mellinger

Founder, Owner, and President, Primary Services

Regina Mellinger is the founder and CEO of Primary Services, the 9th Largest Staffing Firm in the Houston Area. Since its founding in 1988, Primary Services has grown by leaps and bounds. Mellinger has led Primary from its inception, growing the company through her strong partnerships with long-served clients; innovative business solutions; and commitment to service excellence.  Its clients include both local businesses and Fortune 500 companies such as Shell, NRG, and ConocoPhillips. Primary was recently named the WBEA’s Supplier of the Year for 2017, and the Houston Business Journal identified Primary as Houston’s 6th Largest Women-Owned Businesses.

Recently indicted as a WBEA Board Member and 2018 WBENC RPO Star Representative, Regina’s guiding principle is that people create success through insight, kindness, and bold action. She has served many charities, with Change Happens! at the forefront of her community involvement for the last twelve years. Change Happens! is a nonprofit organization serving economically disadvantaged families with over 18 programs that empower people to help themselves. Regina’s family and firm are privileged to serve a cause which enriches the lives of others each day and contributes to the future of our community.