Eni Gambeta

Strategic Management

Eni Gambeta is a PhD candidate in strategy. His research interests focus on the role of human capital as a driver of firm performance and competitive advantage. In particular, his research focuses on how established and entrepreneurial firms manage their human capital relationships and incentives to drive innovation, productivity and strategic change. He also studies how these human capital relationships operate in different ownership, institutional and environmental contexts. His research has been published in the Academy of Management Review and Journal of Management. 

He holds an MBA and an Industrial Engineering degree. Prior to joining Jones as a PhD student, he worked as an engineer at Boeing and DPSG.


Research Interests:

Strategic Human Capital
Firm-Specific Investment, Innovation and Patenting
Theories of the Firm
Corporate Entrepreneurship



Hoskisson, R.E., Gambeta, E., Green, C., & Li, T. “Is my firm-specific investment protected? Overcoming the stakeholder investment dilemma in the Resource Based-View.” Forthcoming, Academy of Management Review.

Hoskisson, R.E., Chiroco, F., Zyung, J. & Gambeta, E. 2017. “Managerial risk-taking: a multi-theoretical review and future research agenda.” Journal of Management, 43(1): 137-169.