Daniel Zyung

Strategic Management

Daniel Zyung is a doctoral student in strategic management at the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University. He holds Master's degrees in Management from University of Texas at Austin and Economics from University of Michigan. He received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Korea University, during which he served 2 years in the Korean Army.

Within the field of strategy research, Daniel is exceedingly interested in understanding strategists—the top executives of firms—and hence, the human side of strategic decisions. Specifically, his major research goal is to further understand the psychological foundations of corporate leaders’ strategic decisions—further, how their construal and responses to environmental stimuli, such as turbulence, institutional change and macroeconomic events, are guided by their psychological attributes. 

However, Daniel's research is not limited only to the senior-ranked individuals of firms. He seeks to understand the psychology of decision making at lower levels of the organizational hierarchy and even outside the organization, by studying healthcare professionals in hospitals as well as important external stakeholders such as consumers and organization supporters.